July 8, 2011

It's Friday!

You know what Friday means...so head over to Wifey's blog to get the questions and link up!

1.  Does your Significant Other read your blog?  Why is this a good or a bad thing?

The Man reads my blog but only because I have the posts emailed to him.  I'm not sure he'd read it otherwise!   I don't mind and I like that he reads.  This way he knows what's going on in my head and when he's gone it keeps him up to date with what's been going on around here.

2. What is one item in your house that holds the most sentimental value and why?

Sand Ceremony
I have several items that have sentimental value...it's too hard to figure out which one has the most!  I have an old iron, family photos, a soup tureen and doilies from my Grandma.  There the afghan that my aunt crocheted for me when I was 9.  There are the scrapbooks and the shadow box with a photo, boat tickets and a champagne cork from the night we were engaged.  There's the sand from the sand ceremony at our 

wedding.  There's the Precious Moments figurines from my childhood.  I could go on but I think you get the idea!

3.  When it comes to water fun in the summer do you prefer the beach, the pool, a lake, or the sprinklers?

 I don't mind the beach, pool or lake.  As long as I can swim in it I'm happy!  I haven't gone swimming in awhile mostly because it doesn't get warm enough here for me!  Wait...let me take that back.  I did got swimming last summer.

4.  What is the one special thing that you do for yourself to get you through the first week of a deployment/separation?

I buy/make/eat food that I enjoy but The Man doesn't.
5.  What is your biggest guilty pleasure website?

Facebook & Twitter.  I spend way too much time on both of them! 


  1. Dylan doesn't read my blog. I think he could care less about it! I can't swim in lakes. They freak me out!

  2. My hubby only reads my blog if I say "hey babe, come read my post" other then that, he doesn't really care too much either way lol. I spend way too much time on FB too, and Pinterest. Goodness gracious. Enjoy your weekend PK :)

  3. I'm with you, all types of water are fine by me so long as they are not freezing!

    Have a good weekend Poe!

  4. Twitter is my guilty pleasure too! Ha!

  5. We should start a facebook group for addicts ;0)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. We did the sand ceremony too! When we moved to Washington we nursed it in the car because we didn't trust the movers not to break it or something!

  7. Ooo! I love the concept of the Sand Ceremony, and what a great keepsake to have from your wedding. The hubby and I did a unity candle, at our ceremony, but perhaps I should have opted for sand.

    The Sailor does not even know I blog. This is where I come to vent. Kudos to you for emailing him the posts though. Sometimes I think the Sailor would understand me better, if he read my blog.

  8. oh my goodness, that picture of your sand ceremony is so adorable! your faces are priceless.

  9. Love all the military wife bloggers I'm finding thru the challenge! And my hubby reads every word I post. It's how he keeps up on our life he says!

  10. The kids and I definitely indulge in Chick-Fil-A which my husband will eat, but would rather have something else. CFA is one of the few constants that has been there everywhere we've been stationed. Love finding other milspouses through Friday Fill-Ins! :) Alma

    BTW, lakes freak me out too!


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