August 10, 2011

It's My Life

I love me some Bon Jovi!  The songs are so singable and they get stuck in my head.  They're great for highway driving with the windows down and the volume all the way up.  Seriously, who doesn't love to sing Livin' on a Prayer?  It's classic!

One of my favorite Bon Jovi songs reminds me of one of my classes in China.  It's my favorite because of them.  They used to blare this song during break and you could hear it in every classroom in that hallway.  The Chinese teacher, Sean, who taught them English has excellent English and taught them tons of idioms.  He also shared his love of rock music.  So this song is for Class 1, where ever they all are.

It's My Life by Bon Jovi

A funny story about Sean:  He used to get Time magazine from the school library.  He liked to ask us questions about words he didn't know.  We didn't mind answering and it gave us a change to explain American culture to him and any other teachers that were around when he asked.  We shared an office with 6 Chinese teachers (there were 3 of us) and they questions often caused great conversations.  The most memorable question?  A fellow American teacher, Kaylene & I were working at our desks when he comes over and says to us "Can you tell me the difference between soft porn and hard porn?"  We were like "WHAT?!?!" and just looked at each other!  He was reading an article of the affects of pornography and didn't understand the difference between the two.  Needless to say we had an interesting conversation with him!

Because it's classic, I'm adding Livin' On A Prayer.  Gotta love the hair and the fringe! Oh, 80's we miss you!

And because you can't have too much Bon Jovi, here's one more:

I'm on a Bon Jovi kick. Just one more and then I'll promise I'll stop!

I could keep going.  There are so many more great Bon Jovi songs!  Did I miss any of your favorites?


  1. Oh I love me some Bon Jovi! I really dislike pretty much everything from the 80s. Everything except Bon Jovi that is!

    I am dying about the porn question!! Haha! Oh goodness.

  2. Thank you for all these wonderful videos of Bon Jovi aka my other boyfriend. I adore him, his 80's hair and just everything about him.

  3. yes, Bon Jovi... who doesn't love him?

    And that is a funny story about porn. I'm now thinking of what random searchers may come across your blog now! :)

  4. Love, LOVE, love, oh yeah and LOVE! :) How can you not love Bon Jovi?! Some epic classics right there :)

  5. I can't tell you how much I love Bon Jovi! Definitely more of their older stuff. I hear Livin On a Prayer a lot because it's on my running playlist, but it's been awhile since I've heard Born to Be My Baby. Love it!!! Thanks for giving me my Bon Jovi fix.

    BTW, funny story about the porn. :)

  6. HAHA that porn question is hilarious! and man oh man, Bon Jovi is just what I needed to get my morning started! it's my favorite for sure! when I was a camp counselor, back in the day, we used to wake our kids up every morning to "Living on a prayer" they loved us!!!

  7. Livin' on a Prayer is one of my favorite songs for belting out in the car.


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