August 16, 2011


WARNING: This post contains many photos of food. DO NOT read if you are hungry or haven't eaten yet today!

No vacation is complete without yummy food.  Disney is no different.  The Man and I are happy eating two meals a day with a snack or two along the way.  We're big fans of brunch and "linner."  We went to Disney to celebrate our anniversary.  We didn't make it to the park for our actual anniversary so we celebrated the next day. I had made reservations for us at Blue Bayou.  The Man really wanted to eat here and it sounded good to me!  The restaurant is inside the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  It's always night inside and you can see shooting stars and lightening bugs.  The food is delicious!  I had top sirloin and The Man and filet good.  Since it was our anniversary we also received a complimentary chocolate mousse.  It wasn't huge but was the perfect amount.  I should also mention that my husband doesn't eat green beans and yet he cleaned his plate.  There was nothing left by the time he was done....even the green beans had disappeared!
Poe's meal
The Man's meal
Inside the restaurant
The Blue Bayou is now a favorite...we will be eating there whenever we go to Disneyland!  For lunch the next day we decided to do a picnic.  I had pre purchased picnic lunches for us before we got there.  Along with the picnic lunch you got a ticket for a reserved viewing area for the show that night.  There are several choices; we both got the fried chicken.  It was super yummy and perfect for a warm day!

 The viewing for the show was standing only but we were able to sit on the ground for a bit before it started.  We were in the back because we wanted to be able to make a quick get away.

Waiting for the show to start

Are you guys hungry yet?  I'm almost done....if you go to Disney, you MUST get a corn dog from the little cart on the right hand side of Main Street.  It's EPIC (as my friend told me!)  They are hand dipped and are so good.
Epic corn dog
The corn dog stand
And last but not least...we ate at Cafe Orleans.  We thought it was counter service but it wasn't!  We only had to wait about 15 minutes and it was well worth the wait.  We had a great shaded table, a light breeze and some live Jazz music in the background.  We didn't have to wait long for our food either; The pommes  frites were AMAZING and we ate every last one.  My ragout and his chicken crepe were also delicious. 
So good!

Are you hungry yet?  As you can see, we didn't starve while we were away!

Do you have a favorite restaurant/food to eat while at Disney/on vacation?

Wait!  I have one more:
 Funnel cake with strawberries and whipped cream. SO GOOD!


  1. I love you warning :) and now i'm hungry <--- that's what i get for not listening!!! :)

  2. The title of this post is perfect - YUM is right! These all look fantastic, but right now I could really go for some funnel cake! Looks delicious!

  3. That funnel cake looks yummy! ooooh...

  4. I always wanted to eat at the Blue Bayou and now I'm convinced it must be done. I've never done the picnic lunch at Disneyland so if I end up going in November I might have to check it out.

  5. YUM! My favorite part of going on vacation is eating. :) We just like to try new restaurants!

  6. This all looks SO delicious! :)


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