August 15, 2011

Such A Character!

One of the things I love about going to a Disney Park is being able to see the characters. I know that The Man & I are in our early 30's and have no kids but we still enjoyed getting our pictures taken with the characters as we saw them:
Sorry it's blurry but it was just a quickie photo on our way to the train.  There was almost no wait to see Goofy cause he was bask in a corner and most people didn't know he was there!

We waited about 5 minutes to see the mouse.  You HAVE to have a Mickey picture taken when you're there.  It's a rule!  Go ahead, check the rule book!
Poe with 2 sailors
We actually waited in line to see Pooh.  Eeyore was supposed to join him but he lost his tail and Tigger was helping him find it.  We were already through the line by the time Eeyore came out and I wasn't waiting in line again! 

I did at least get a photo of Eeyore.  I snapped it while we were in line for Splash Mountain.  Eeyore's been my favorite since I was little.  I loved him before he was popular.  I remember how hard it used to be to find stuff with him on it!
 We also didn't have to wait long to see Donald.  He's a favorite cause he's an Oregon Ducks fan!
We didn't have to wait to see Chip & Dale either.  However we didn't get a picture taken with them on our camera, just on the photo pass by the professional photographer because we were in a hurry to get a fastpass for Soarin.  The picture turned out bad and they want $14.95 for it.  Nope, not going to happen.  So instead you get to see them in a photo that The Man took while on the double decker bus:

The Man wanted a picture with some of the princesses but they weren't ever around.  I used the handy dandy free Disney Parks app to try and find out where and when they'd be out and they never were.  I guess we'll have to go to Disney World for those pictures!

Who is your favorite Disney character?


  1. Fun! Great photos! We got a photo with Rafiki when we went to Disney World; I'm not sure if he's my favorite character, but that photo is my favorite photo from our trip.

  2. I love getting pictures w/ all the characters too!!!

  3. How fun! When my husband & I went to Disney World last spring, I was obsessed with the Army men from Toy Story.

  4. I love all these pictures! I LOVE Pooh and I would wait in line FOREVER to get a picture with him haha

  5. Tigger & Ariel... definitely my must sees!


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