September 28, 2011


Our family is expending again!  We've gotten Edgar, Allen and Molly a new brother.  A four legged brother that is.  Joey flew home last night with The Man.  He wasn't the happiest pup ever (you could hear him barking in the entire terminal) but he did just fine.  I'm sure he was super happy to see The Man in Seattle!

You may be wondering who is Joey?  Well, Joey is daddy's dog.  They got him about 15 months ago.  Dad had retired and was sleeping late and not doing much of anything.  That may sound night but mom was concerned about him, especially since she sometimes works long hours.  So they rescued Joey, a purebred beagle to keep daddy company and give him something to do.  The two became fast friends and they both loved each other a lot.  Dad had to get up to take Joey out and to feed him.  Joey loves walks so he helped dad get some exercise and was just a great companion for daddy.  Whenever I talked to dad he was always telling me a Joey story and more often than not he was sitting right next to dad as he talked to me.

Joey took dad's going home hard.  He spent most of the day after on my lap moping.  He was so sad.  He's doing better now but I know he still misses dad.

Anyway...why do we have him?  Because Joey is very much a people puppy (like Molly) and with mom working all day and often late, Joey would be home alone a lot.  And lately if you leave him alone to long he pees in the house cause he's mad at you.  Mom loves Joey but just doesn't think she can take care of him the way he needs to be taken care of.  That's where we come in.  We love four legged critters and are more than happy to take Joey.  We'd much rather take him than give him back to the rescue and go to another family.  We think Joey was abused and neglected as a pup.  We don't want to take the chance he will be again.  Plus, we've fallen in love with him!  Molly and Joey met last November when she drove out with me.  There were a few jealousy issues but they got along really well.  We know that there will be some jealousy issues again and an adjustment period but we think they'll do just fine.  And since mom has two cats, Edgar and Allen shouldn't phase Joey.

Some more Joey cuteness:
Mom and Joey

C and Joey

K and Joey

The Red Baron.

Sniffing around


  1. Aww, cute! Your family is growing!

  2. what big hearts you have bringing yet another pet home. And it makes it special knowing he had such a great bond with your dad. Glad you guys are home safe.

  3. Beagles are my favorite! Our family had one for 16 years. We rescued her from the humane society, and I couldn't imagine a better dog.


  4. I am very happy to hear this. I'm glad that you have your daddy's dog and it will help you both grieve and mourn and become at peace. Make sure that doggie gets a hug from me :) and hugs to you and your family as well!

    x's and o's

  5. Oh Joey! He's too cute - very loveable. That is going to be one dog who is absolutely spoiled with love!

  6. Of course you know that we have to get Joey and Jack together to play when you get back. They could be long lost cousins for all we know. ;) We think of you guys here back home and miss you.

  7. That is wonderful, I am sure Joey will be so happy in your home! I bet your Dad would be happy with the decision also. :)

  8. I LOVE beagles! I can't wait to meet him. He is a doll!


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