September 27, 2011


The memorial service for my dad on Saturday morning was good.  I had been dreading it but it was good to remember and see people that loved him (and love us).  There was a time for sharing memories and stories about dad and that was very touching.  By the time we finally left after the meal, I was more than ready to leave.  I was so exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally.

My cousin, who I am very close to and is more like a sister, brought her oldest three kids.  They loved their Uncle.  J was having a hard time with daddy's death and when I walked in and went over to here, so came right to me.  I wasn't expecting this as she is 5 and I've seen here once in two years.  She just cuddled into me and let me hold her.  She even warmed up to The Man though she was very shy at first.

Several family members came back to mom's house after.  I escaped the people by going outside with the kids and climbing the great tree out front.  My parents had the tree planted when I was a kid so I never got to climb it but it's been great for these kids.  We have pictures of the oldest in the tree when he was 2...and of him out there ever since.  At 11 he has no fear while climbing and his 8 year old sister followed right behind him.  The Man and I even got up in the tree.  I didn't go up very far but stayed low with the little one.  The Man went up and enjoyed some time with the older kids.  After tree climbing the two girls and I went for a walk around the block.  I really enjoyed this time as I was able to connect with them.  I miss these kids so much.  It did my heart good that they didn't forget me and wanted to spend time with me.

The Man and the boy in the tree
A little girl in the tree
Look at me!

After the walk I snuggled up to The Man on the sofa.  Football was on, the kids were on their DS Lights and Leapster chatting away to us and people were in and out of the room.  The Man and I managed to snooze for about an hour.  It was the most refreshing sleep I've gotten in a long time.  I'm still waking up tired and that nap just felt so good.

Later that night The Man and I went out for a date night.  It felt nice to do something normal.  We went to the Wrentham outlets and walked around.  We talked and talked.  We had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's.  We love their salad bar and wish there was on in the PNW.  We talked some more and made some decisions.  We're excited about what we decided and while I'm not going to tell you at the moment, I'll share soon.


  1. As hard and terrible the ordeal has been, it sounds like a beautiful memorial service for your father. Those kids are super cute, I'm glad they turned to you in their time of need. I'm also glad that you got to do something normal and go on a date with your hubby!

  2. Very happy you were able to spend time with you family and that you and hubby had a nice date. Can't wait to hear what your "decisions" were.

  3. The presence of a loving family can do much to heal the heart.

  4. ((hugs))

    Call me if you'd like to chat. I remember the "after" days well. I'm almost tearing up right now because I hate to see others going through the same thing and your comment about sleep is exactly what happened to me.

    And if you REALLY want some fun, apparently I will have enough Oxycontin and Percocet to last me at least 10 days starting Wednesday (surgery day). I guarantee I'll be good for laughs for a few days after that. Because I'm an idiot when on drugs.

  5. So glad you got through the memorial service. Kids always have a way of lightened the mood and bring so much happiness. So glad for you that you could spend time w/ them. On another note I love the Wrentham outlets. I grew up in Franklin about 5 min from them! Not sure when you are leaving MA but if you ever want to meet up let me know. Thinking of you and wishing for you continued strength to get through the coming days, weeks, months. . .

  6. Thinking of you and your decision. Whatever it is, I detect a smile in between your words; a good thing!

    Glad that you and hubs had special time to yourselves.

  7. The memorial service sounds like it was very healing and full of love. Saying a prayer for you guys.


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