September 30, 2011

Making Memories, Part 1

One of the hard things of being a military family is that you often live far away from family.  Sure there's email and phone calls and skype but it's not the same as being able to be together.  You can see you family a couple a times a year but it's just not the same.  One of the nice things about being home (I call both where I grew up and where I currently live home) is being able to see family.

For me, part of my close family is my Aunt M, my cousin T and her family.  T and I are three years apart and while we weren't super close as kids we are close now.  She's like a sister.  One of the great parts of that is that her 5 kids call me Auntie Poe.  They live 2 hours from my parents in New Hampshire.  We were able to head up there while The Man was here.  It was a great time of making memories.  Often I would need to get in T and Auntie time plus time with the kids.  Because of how it worked out, T and Auntie were down helping us with dad so I was able to get time with them.  T and I were able to have some quality time and conversations so when we headed north I was able to get some great kid time in.

T's husband J had recently drained the conference pool, sanded and grinded it down and repainted it (there was probably a lot more that he did to it but I have no idea. I just know it was a lot of work).  He decided to refill it the evening we were there.  We were walking by the pool on our way to T's house, saw his truck outside and decided to make funny faces at him through the window.  The surprise was on us when we saw that he was in the there with the three oldest kids playing in the deep end of the pool in shallow water.  We went in and they were having a great time.  Of course they asked us to go in with them.  The Man and I both said no but they asked again.  The Man said he would if I did, figuring that it would then be my fault that we wouldn't play with them. Well, once he said that of course we were going in!  What better way to make memories than to do something fun and out of the ordinary?

Little J telling us she didn't want to go in the water
J needing some help up the slippery slope
Please come play with us!
Getting a push in...and yes, I was wearing a skort.
Sitting in the water
The Man trying to dunk his loving wife


  1. awww... looks like fun! I want to play in the deep end of a pool in shallow water!

  2. awe this looks like a blast! something the kids will remember forever...

  3. That makes me happy to see you got to make some new memories while there. I hope everything is going good.

  4. That looks entirely too fun. Now I'm trying to think of where to find a pool to empty...


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