September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

This may be photo overload but it's what I need right now....

August 4, 2009
August 4, 2009
Road trip November 2010
November 3,1984
No idea when/where this was:)
Bremerton-Seattle Ferry, December 2009
Christmas, not sure what year

At home, November 2010
South Padre Island, 2004

25 Wedding anniversary, Summer 2003

Parasailing, South Padre Island, approx. 2001

With his great nephew, April 2011

Enjoying life, South Padre Island, approx 2004

Bangor, WA, Christmas 2009


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  2. I'm so glad that your parents knew how to love and laugh together. It seems that they repeatedly experienced the many blessings that a wonderful marriage can bring into the lives of two individuals.

    From these photographs it looks like you had the priceless gift of a very close-knit family growing up that was not afraid to show and share love. These are wonderful pictures... very full of tenderness and intimacy. Thank you for posting them.

    May the Lord continue to bring peace to your heart.

  3. What a great photo journal of your dad's life... I know there are so many more pictures and memories you have that will continue to bring you joy.

  4. Great pictures. The 25th anniversary one made me smile. :)

  5. I'm so sorry that you're Daddy isn't here where you can give him a hug but I was reading through your recent posts and I am so happy that you will see your saviour with your daddy beside you. Much love and hugs from a sister in Christ.

  6. What a loving family. ((hugs))

  7. I hope those photos remind you of great times spent together!

  8. This is so beautiful. What a great way to share your dad with us.

  9. It looks to me like your Dad has lived a very happy life, and I'm grateful for that, for you. It will be easier to remember these happy times than the hard ones. ((Hugs))


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