October 6, 2011


Back in the day I had to pick a screen name for my AOL account.  After some thought I chose Poekitten, after our cat Rosie.  We would call her Rosie Posie and after a few years her nickname got shortened to Posie and then to Poe and Poekitten.  
The original Poekitten
The real Poekitten is 16 years old and she lives with my mom.  I wanted to take her but mom wouldn't let me.  She said I left Poe behind when I left for college and when I went to Asia.  Poe lives with Dale Thomas, DT for short.

Dale Thomas, aka DT aka "The Most Handsome Boy in the World"
DT is a 22 pound orange tabby cat.  I think mom favors him but she insists that she doesn't.  I've tried to convince her that Poe would be happier living with Edgar and Allen but she says no to that too.

A side story:

In fact, Poe is the reason I have Edgar and Allen.  We had had to put down our dog and a cat had died.  I was living with my parents and I wanted to get a kitten..or two.  One cat was ok with Mom and Dad, two was not.  I looked and looked and found Edgar who was being called Butch.  I wasn't going to call a cat butch...and I wanted to be able to call him Ig.  So I decided on Edgar.  Since we had an Edgar and a Poe, we had to have an Allen.  I managed to convince dad (he was the holdout) to let me get another cat by agreeing to help clean the cat boxes and to let him pick out the kitten.  He picked the Alleycat out and we've had Edgar, Allen and Poe ever since!

As much as I'm going to miss Poe and DT now that I'm home, I'm glad to get love from Edgar, Allen, Molly and Joey!

And just in case you're wondering, DT was a cute, cuddly kitten.  Here's the proof:


  1. Awww DT reminds me of my kittens! What a cute and big boy he's become!


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