December 1, 2011

Music Thursday

I was going to share a video of the Trans Siberian Orchestra since we got to see them this past weekend.  They are incredible.  Sadly I can't embed any of their videos.  If you've never heard of them (or you just want to listen a little!) I suggest you go here and check out some of the videos.  The show was amazing with the lights and the sound and the energy.  I'm hoping we can make this an annual concert!

So, since I can't share that with you, I'm going to share one of my favorite Christmas songs with you.  I didn't like this song at all until I heard the version by Third Day.  This is the only version I like!

 Sorry for the cheesy was the best one I could find.  There's just something about this version that I love!

Do you have a song that you only like one version of?

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  1. LOVE TSO! (: One of the BEST concerts I have ever seen!

    This song is good too!

  2. Aww I love Do You Hear What I Hear, it's one of my favorite Christmas songs! 


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