January 24, 2012


Food hasn’t been sounding very good to me for a few months now.  Thankfully it has started sounding better.  Not good but better.  Duty days are the worst cause I only have to worry about myself and I’ve started to forget to eat.  Until I get nauseous and realize it’s been hours since I last ate.

Anyway, I was thinking about what I could easily make while The Man was at work.  I realized that we had lettuce, tomatoes and bacon.  Everything I needed for BLT’s…score! The Man doesn’t like raw tomatoes so I can only have them when he’s not around.  I was excited until I realized that we have no bread.  I was feeling lazy and not wanting to go out to buy any.  What’s a girl to do?

Improvise, that’s what!  So I took the lettuce, laid each leaf out and put a slice to tomato on it.  I topped it with a piece of bacon and wrapped the lettuce around it.  I secured it with a toothpick.  They were delicious!  The only way they would have been better is if they had had a dab of mayo on them.  We were out of that too.  Boo….I’ll add it to the grocery list!   

In case you wanted a visual of the deliciousness in all it’s glory:

Step 1: Layering the tomato on the lettuce
2012-01-15 16.15.04
Step 2: Adding a slice of bacon
2012-01-15 16.21.50
Step 3: All wrapped up waiting to be devoured
2012-01-15 16.28.46
What do you do when you want something to eat and you’re missing an ingredient?


  1. I'm definitely the person who tries to improvise and it NEVER works! So I have learned to either wait for it, or head to the store right away to get whatever it is I need. Those lettuce wraps look delicious though- could have been good with some ranch as well! There is nothing I love more than wedge salads, and I think I would have felt so defeated with the lack of bread that I would have turned the BLT into that. I like where you went with it though- I'll have to remember that!

  2. Oh, I improv for sure!  Last night, I realized that Hubby ate all the pineapple that I was going to use for sweet and sour pork, so I added fresh lime juice to the sauce.  Didn't taste the same, but it was still good.

    Found out the hard way this Thanksgiving that sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk are NOT interchangeable, though...

  3. Congrats, you just accidentally stumbled into the Paleo diet movement . . .

  4. I make do with what I've got. Plain and simple. lol.  THe other night, that meant cucumber slices sauteed in butter with seal salt and then placed on toast with American cheese on top.  lol! On another note, I tagged you in a post so you can re-post it. :) 

  5. Cucumber has been my new favorite food but plain. I'm loving it for some reason:) Thanks for the tag!

  6. LOL! I just don't think I can keep it up though...I like chicken too much!

  7. I love lime and I bet that it did still taste good! And yeah about the difference in the milks...at least you won't forget now:)

  8. I bet Ranch would have been delish! I'll have to try that next time. And I improv all the time...most of the times it works out:) Maybe it's just a gift? Or I might have picked it up from my mom cause she used to (and still does) do it all the time!

  9. I know you are not blogging as often these days, but I just tagged you in a little Q&A thing and hoping you will want to do so,  http://www.asailorsvalentine.com/2012/01/q.html


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