April 28, 2012

Curve Ball Part 2

If you missed part 1, you can read it here.

I was right. They only call if you fail. I failed. At that point it was all I could do to keep from crying. I managed to write down the phone number to the nutritionist so I could make an appointment. We also made an appointment for me to meet with a nurse next and was told that I need to pick up my supplies at the pharmacy before that meeting. At the end of the call The Man came home. I started balling the second I hung up that phone.

I hadn’t read much on Gestational Diabetes (GD) because I didn’t want to worry.  So when I was told that I have it, the only two things I could remember was that it causes babies to be large and that women with GD often end up with c-section.  This is what bothers me most.  I don’t mind having to follow a special diet or exercise program.  If giving up cake/ice cream/pasta for the next 80ish days is best for munchkin than I’ll do it!  It’s the complications of GD that upset me.

I am upset by the fact that I might not be able to go past 40 weeks.  The reason this upsets me is because I’ve been preparing for and planning to have a natural, unmedicated childbirth.  So the idea of being induced and quite possibly ending up with a c-section is really upsetting.  For the first 24 hours I couldn’t even think about having GD without crying.  Forget talking about it.  I’ve been in a fog because I was not expecting this.  Even though I don’t want to be induced or a c-section, if they are necessary for the health of munchkin than I will.  Her health, and mine, are most important. 

I’m feeling better after talking with @NavySweetie and Steph.  I have an appointment with a nutritionist on Wednesday.  Later that day I’ll be meeting with a nurse to go over monitoring my blood and learn more about GD. 

I’m learning once again to leave this in God’s hands.  I realize that I need to let go of what I want and go with what God wants.  None of this surprised him and he knew it was coming.  Sometimes I hold on to things I want too tightly.  I need to learn to let go and let God work.  Even if it doesn’t seem like it to me, his way is better than mine.  Always.

Anyone have advice for living with GD? Tips, tricks, things that worked for you? Favorite recipes would be great too!


  1. I'm so sorry about your curveball(s). :(  I don't have any experience or advice about GD, but I did have my son via c-section and I have to say, it was awesome. I expected a long recovery and a ton of pain but that wasn't my experience at all. I was up moving around a few hours later. I recovered much, much faster than my friends who went through natural childbirth. I know it's not what you want, but if you don't have a choice, I just wanted to give you a little reassurance. You'll be in my prayers!!

  2. Sailors_ValentineApril 28, 2012 at 8:03 AM

    ticking to the guidelines the nutritionist gives you will help you keep on track.  I know that often times they prefer an induction, which is what happened with me because of the GD, but like I was saying if you watch your carb intake you should be okay! Snapdragon was born at 39 weeks and his birth weight was 8lbs 3oz.  There are woman who give birth for the first time with no GD who have bigger babies than that at 40 weeks.  With him being my second, and the Sunflower having a birth weight of 7lbs 110z (without the GD), my doctor determined that Snapdragon was the kind of birth weight he would have expected to see if I had not had GD.  Now, you know that you might always go into labor on your own anyway.  First pregnancies don't always go overdue either.  I know several people who had babies right on or right before their due dates with no medical intervention. ;) And thanks for the little nod up there.  I am so glad that I could be of help and of course if you have more questions after your trip to the nutritionist, you know I am happy to help out with advice :) 

  3. Aw, sweetie, I'm sorry it's not what you were hoping for! All 3 of my births were by induction, 2 medically and 1 to accommodate the army schedule... I know its not your plan, but it can be done without sucking! And you just might have babe naturally beforehand! Hang in there! You're in my prayers this pregnancy!

  4. It sounds like you are handling it well. It is OK to be sad that things didn't quite work out as planned. Children do that to us all the time. :) I didn't have GD, but did have high blood pressure and had to be induced. It isn't so bad. When it is all over and you are holding your sweet baby in your arms it won't matter how she got here. Just that she is here and you love her so much you think your heart can't hold it all. Praying for you. For a healthy mommy and baby and delivery.

  5. My mom had GD with my littlest sister. Sarah was born healthy at a normal body weight, the normal way. Also a friend had it with her first (I have heard it usually happens with the second or third) and her baby girl, also named Sara was born healthy and naturally.
    I don't have children yet, so I can only imagine what you are going through. Have faith, you and your baby will be fine. Don't let these little worries stop you from enjoying the wonder of your pregnancy. Choose Joy.

  6. That 3 hour test was horrible- I actually didn't mind the needles as much as the nausea from that gross drink!

    I'm sorry the results didn't come back better. I remember having a different test done and failing, and just falling apart because you worry so much when it's your baby. But I'll be praying, and I'm sure you're going to do just fine and have a gorgeous little one.

  7. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. I wish there was a way to make it better. I've never had to be in your shoes on this one so I pray for the best for you. Things always work out, it is in God's hands. His plans may be different than yours, but He is in control. Just remember that!

  8. You are such a great mother, because you love your munchkin so much, and you will do everything you can to keep her healthy and safe in there. That is really all you can expect of yourself; it is all that is within your power.

    I know I would feel scared in your position, too, especially because things are starting to feel a little out of our control anyway at this point. But you are a strong woman, who has been tested by greater challenges, and an even stronger mommy. You will be able to handle this curveball with so much grace.

    Keep calm and mother on!


  9. So sorry about your unexpected and unhappy news.  Hang in there and remember that it could be worse.  I hope the rest of your pregnancy will go great and you will have a VERY healthy baby girl.  Praying for you both.  


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