May 19, 2012

Instagram Sundays

I know I’ve left you hanging this week.  I’m sorry for that but I’ve been busy this week!  My mom is visiting so I’ve been focusing on spending time with her and not on blogging.  We’ve been doing lots of stuff and I’ve been too tired to blog.  I haven’t even been taking that many pictures but I did get a couple…here they are:


Mom on the ferry.  We were heading to Edmonds to visit with a friend.


Even though Mom had been to Pike’s Place before, both times it was normal Seattle weather….rainy and cool.  We managed to get over and enjoy some sunshine!

2011-11-03 14.28.54

I’m cheating a little bit…I didn’t take this with Instagram nor did I take it this wee.  I took it last fall when Mom & I went to the Tea Room in Port Gamble.  We went back because we enjoyed it so much!  I had the most delicious chicken salad sandwich. An interesting tidbit: I was about 5 weeks pregnant in the above picture.  Now I’m 32 and counting!


I’ve been exhausted most days after our excursions.  As I was resting on the sofa Iggymans came and kept me company on his favorite perch…my hip and thigh.


The Alleycats perched on the back of the sofa and “watched” over Ig and I while we rested. 


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  1. Thanks for linking up this week. Love the pics. I hope to make it to Seattle one of these days. Have always wanted to visit. 

  2. Love her new haircut glad she got to come out and spend time

  3. I love instagram!!! Its addicting, but I've gotten better photos than I ever have before!

  4. You should link up! Instagram is fun, though I don't use a lot of the filters:)


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