May 21, 2012


Another week down and I’m very thankful for that.  I’m getting to the point where I’m ready to be done, mostly because of the gestational diabetes.  Thinking about everything you put in your mouth gets tiring.  I think the most frustrating it doing what you've been told to do and still getting numbers that are too high.  My meal numbers are fine, it’s the fasting numbers that I can’t get under control.

I had a doctor’s appointment last week and met with a new doctor.  She seems to know what she’s talking about but she wasn’t very compassionate.  She told me that I have two weeks to get the fasting numbers under control or she’ll put me on medication.  Then she told me that if I am on medication she’ll induce me between 39-40 weeks and if I’m not on medicine I have to deliver before 41 weeks or she’ll induce.  I was not a happy camper.  She couldn’t understand why I was upset and had tears running down my face.  Then she told me that I could no longer go to my normal centering appointments because I am now a complicated OB patient and they need to see my every two weeks.  I kinda told her I was going to the next one and she said I could go to that one.  I also have an ultrasound this week and she didn’t think it was necessary but since it was already scheduled she’ll let me go to it. 

Needless to say I was not happy at the end of the appointment.  I’ll be talking to the midwife at my next centering appointment to see if she’ll let me continue to go.

Other than that things are going well.  I’m getting up several times at night and the bathroom and I are becoming good friends.  I got a wedge and it’s WONDERFUL.  I’m also pretty tired but I think that’s part of the territory.  I’m hoping the next few weeks fly by!






  1. Yay! Happy 32 weeks. We're getting sooo close. I'm sorry that you have GD. A friend of mine has it, and it just seems so hard to deal with. I hope your midwife makes you feel better about things.

  2. Personally I think she looks beautiful and she's doing very well but then I'm prejudice as I'm her mom!!! Other than the tired thing ( she's one of those that needs at least 8 hours of sleep) she does well, though we did have a "snickers" moment the other day! Love you snyway

  3. Poe- this is not good! That doctor sounds sort of mean and negative. This is YOUR pregnancy and YOUR baby. You need to be the one calling the shots, at least in partnership with your doctor. And if you're crying and unhappy, it doesn't sound like you're on the same page. It's time to reign that broad in! And if you can't do it alone, bring your hubs with you! You don't want to look back on the end of your pregnancy and be like, "Ugh! I hope I never have to do that again." I feel sad for you... Don't be bullied into something that you don't feel comfortable with. "Need tos" and "have tos" and "policies" are all things that can have exceptions and waivers and whatevers. And if not, they can at least be presented in a way that makes you feel a LOT more comfortable.

  4. Hang in there!  Sorry to hear this.  I hope everything will be fine and just remember it will be so worth it when your beautiful baby girl arrives.  I'll be thinking of you (even tho I won't be commenting while in Ireland)!

  5. I totally second what Allison wrote! Definitely do your research and seek out a second (or third!) opinion. I don't understand why you wouldn't be able to attend your usual centering appointments in addition to the regular doc...

    You look wonderful - enjoy the last couple months of being pregnant! :) Hugs!

  6. Won't it be nice to be done? I'm very much looking forward to it! How are you doing?

  7. DH will hopefully be coming with me to the next appointment with that OB. If it happens again I'm going to see about changing to a different one. I"m feeling better now and am willing to stand up to her. And thanks for the encouragement:)

  8. Have a great time in Ireland! Looking forward to reading about it when you get back:)

  9. Thank you!

    She said I can't go to centering anymore because I'll be seeing an OB instead and if I do both it's like I'm taking away someone else's appointment time. They're not going to put anyone else in the centering group so I don't see what the big deal is!

  10. Cinnamon, try taking cinnamon, at least a tsp a day... It is said to help stablize blood sugars... It helped my MIL, and my DH....

  11. I always forget this! I need to tattoo it to my hand to remember!


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