May 4, 2012

May Friday Fill In

It’s the first Friday in May so I’m linking up with Wife of a Sailor for her Friday Milspouse Fill In.


1. What’s one thing in the past month you would have changed?

If I could I would have changed the result of my 1 hour and 3 hour glucose test (are you guys tired of hearing about this yet?!?!?)  Other than that it’s been a good month.

2. What was your favorite thing that happened in April?

I loved that The Man didn’t have to work on Easter!  It was the first Easter we’ve ever been able to celebrate together and that made it even more special.  I’m also thankful that The Man’s show is now running so I have him home during the week.

3. What are your plans for Memorial Day?IMG_0905

I don’t think we have any yet.  I’m not sure what day The Man has duty so that always plays into it.  If it’s nice out we’ll probably head to either Point No Point (pictured) or Fort Warden with the pups so Molly can play in the water.

4. Have you ever traveled Space A? If yes, where… if no, would you ever try it?

Nope. I’d love to try it but won’t get a chance to before The Man separates from the Navy.

5. What are you looking forward to in May?

My mom’s coming out for a week.  We have a lot planned for the week and I know it’s going to fly by!  My church is also throwing me a baby shower and I’m looking forward to that too!


  1. The first time I took a glucose test was at Eisenhower at Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA. The woman was pretty gruff and gave me the directions in such a way that my husband and I tiptoed away from her counter, lol...

  2. :( Hope she was just having a bad day and not like that all the time!


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