May 7, 2012

Feeling Better

I recently had my appointments with the nutritionist and nurse to talk about my recent diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes (GD).  I feel so much better after learning more.

First up was the appointment with the nutritionist.  I thought it was going to be a one on one appointment but there was another lady there.  I had met her before as she was one of the ladies that I took three hour glucose test with.  It was nice to see a familiar face.  The appointment lasted an hour and we talked about how we need to watch our carb intake.  We were given our carb amounts (in case you’re interested…breakfast, 3 servings, snack 1 serving, lunch 4 servings, snack 1 serving, dinner 4 serving and snack 3 servings with 1 serving= 15 grams.)  My mom had already talked to me about most of what we went over since she lived it with my dad and his diabetes.  I don’t really feel like I learned much but it was still good to talk to her and get the book.

Then I got to wait at the pharmacy to pick up what I need for my IMG_20120502_120215next appointment with the nurse.  The wait was a bit on the longer side but I had time since I was waiting while The Man had an appointment.  Plus the pharmacy has great people watching.  There were a lot of Coast Guard people there that day.  Anyway, I know I was getting supplies to test my blood.  Imagine my surprise when I was handed a sharps container.  I wasn’t expecting it at all.  (A fun side note…the company the makes the containers is based in my hometown.  What a small world!)

After lunch we met with the nurse.  She was amazing.  We watched a video and then she gave me my meter and showed me how to use the finger pricker and get a reading of my blood sugar. It’s easy and it doesn’t take as much blood as I remember my grandmother and father needing.  I did pretty well.  Until it was time to prick my finger.  I needed a minute or two to pull myself together. Knowing you’re going to need to prick yourself and actually doing it are two different things.

The finger prick doesn’t hurt that much.  I’d be lying if2012-05-03 10.04.04 I said it doesn’t hurt at all.  It’s been taking me two or three pricks to get enough blood (which is saying a lot cause you don’t need a lot!)  After a few days though I’m getting the hang of it and have only had to prick myself once.  It’s nice to not have super sore fingers.

The “lifestyle change” (diet) is going ok too.  I’ve been able to control my blood sugar level for the most part.  I’ve had a couple of readings above what they want (eating an entire serving of mozzarella sticks as my nighttime snack didn’t help!) but so far it’s been ok.  I tend to go to extremes.  I have to remember that I can have carbs, I just have to limit them.  I’ve been tending to not eat them.  I feel so much better when I do eat the amount I’m supposed to so I’m working on making sure I’m eating the IMG_20120503_093538amount I should be.  I also need to remember to take a reading two hours after I eat…not two and a half or three hours later but TWO hours.  I just get distracted and forget.  I’m hoping it’s close enough!  I’ll see a dr. in a week and a half to go over my numbers.  I’m hoping they’ll be what they want. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


  1. Hi!!  How are you?  I am stopping by from Susi's blog to say congrats on your Sunshine Award!!
    I had GD when I was pregnant the third time around so I know how awful those finger pricks can be.  I also had to inject myself with the insulin which didn't turn out too bad once I stopped being afraid lol
    Good luck with your readings :)

  2. I'm glad it's going smoothly for you!

  3. Thanks! I've hit a few rough spots but am doing ok.


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