May 29, 2012

A Night Out

The Man and I sometimes get in a rut and don’t got out for a date night for a month or two…or three!  Oops, we know we need to work on that!  We’ve been wanting to see the Hunger Games.  He was on an underway when it first came out so I waited to see it and then we just couldn’t make it fit into our schedule.  Then I noticed that the drive in was showing it and we still couldn’t squeeze it in.  I was thinking that they weren’t showing it anymore but when I saw this weekend’s line up there it was, as the second feature! Score! Never mind that the first movie isn’t starting till 9:45.

2012-05-25 20.43.07So we decided to go.  We loaded up the puppies and our gear into the truck and headed to the dog park when Jeopardy! was over.  The goal was to tired Joey out so he wouldn’t bark while we were watching the movie.  There weren’t many people or puppies there but there were enough for Joey to run around with.  He ran around and made friends with a Collie that had the same colors as him, just longer fur.  They were very cute.

After about a 1/2 hour we loaded them back up and headed to the drive in.  We got there about 9:15 and had plenty of time to get settled.  We put the futon mattress in the bed of the truck and I 2012-05-25 21.35.25brought some pillows and blankets so we made a nice little nest to relax on.  I had a hard time getting up so The Man had to help me.  It must have been a pretty funny sight!  He also had to lift the pups up but at least we didn’t have to worry about them going anywhere.  As the night got cooler it was nice to snuggle with them.  Joey did great and only whined a little bit during the first movie.  They both loved being able to curl up with us since they don’t get that very often at home anymore.

2012-05-25 21.34.57We saw Battleship and Hunger Games.  Both were good but I’m glad we saw both of them at the drive in.  We enjoyed giving commentary on them while we were watching.  Battleship was better than I expected but it was missing something.  I think adding some submarines in would have made it perfect but then I might be bias!  The Man and I both agree that it has a good soundtrack. 

Hunger Games was also good, just not as good as the book.  I’m glad I knew the story but I missed knowing what Katniss was thinking.  I did like how they showed the gamemakers controlling the game and the commentary.  I did not like Peeta.  He seemed cold or fake.  It’s just not how I saw him.  I thought Rue was absolutely adorable and wish she had had more screen time.  The movie left me feeling like something was missing so I’m rereading it for about the 13th time. 

Even though we didn’t get home till about 3am, we still had a great time!  We can’t wait to go back and do it again!
What’s your favorite nice weather date activity?


  1. Cool!  We took the boys a few weekends back to the same drive in to see The Avengers.  They both fell asleep halfway through (LB fell asleep just before his favorite character, The Hulk, made an appearance), and we only stayed for that feature, but it was a really fun time.  Before kids, we'd go to the drive-in near Hubby's college.  The owner collected antique buses, so they lined the theater.  Plus, they still used the 1950s pre-show reels, which was a unique touch. 

    Sounds like a good Memorial Day weekend!  :)

  2. Poor LB. Glad you guys had a great time though! We don't always stay for both features. I read your post on your weekend, sounds like you had a great one too!


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