May 31, 2012

Things That Made Me Smile; May

I found the blog, Emmy Mom, that hosts this meme during the Ultimate Blog Hop back in April.  I think it’s a wonderful way to recap a month so I’m linking up for my first time.

May was a pretty good month over all for me.  Here’s what really made me smile:

1.  Visit from mom.

IMG_20120518_104142My mom came to visit because she wanted to see my baby belly.  She saw it in February when I visited for two weeks but I wasn’t very big yet.  I’m much bigger now and she enjoyed seeing it and getting to feel her grandbaby moving around.  We had a great week.  We explored Poulsbo, Edmonds and even got to enjoy Pike’s Place Market in Seattle in the warm sunshine!  She also spoiled me by cooking dinner, doing the dishes and the laundry and vacuuming. 

2.  Time spent with The Man

I love my husband and spending time with him.  We are enjoyingdate night May 2012 the last few weeks have just the two of us.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re super excited to meet Munchkin but we know life as we know it is going to change and it will never be the same again.  So we’re making the most of it while we can!  Late nights at the drive in and day trips in the area are great ways for us to have quality time together.  Sorry about the dark picture…we were in the back of the pickup as Battleship was starting when we took it.

3.  The furbabies.

2012-05-26 17.38.09I love our animals, all 4 of them.  I know their worlds are going to be rocked with Munchkin’s arrival.  I’ve been trying to make an effort to make sure they each get attention every day.  Not tons, but one on one time so they know they are loved.  I’ve even let the pups up on the sofa for a bit every once in a while for some snuggle time. I know they miss it since we’ve banished them from the sofa.

4. Getting the GD under control

While being diagnosed with GD definitely DID NOT make me smile finding out more about and and getting it under control did.  I’m still working on my fasting numbers but they are getting better.  What made me smile even more is knowing that I can stay under the care of the midwife I’ve been seeing.  Even better is knowing that IF I do need to go on medicine, she’ll work with an OB and I’ll still get to see her. 

5.  Being 33 weeks on Memorial Day.

Only 7 weeks to go, 4 till I’m full term.  I can see the light at the end 2012-05-26 15.21.30of the tunnel!  I’m going to miss the kicks and punches I’ve been feeling (well, not the ones to my bladder.)  I’m not going to miss trying to get comfortable to sleep.

6.  New Shoes & Dresses

While Mom was here she bought me some new flip flops and two new dresses.  I’m loving both!  I’m really loving the dresses because they are so comfortable.  We got them thinking they would be great for me to wear after Munchkin arrives.  I’m sure they will be but I’m getting plenty of use out of them now.

7. The Wedge

While I was at my prenatal massage this month, my massage therapist used a wedge for my belly.  Let me tell you this thing is amazing.  It was so amazing that I had to go out and buy one myself.  I had seen them but didn’t think that it would be much use.  I WAS WRONG. The wedge is so comfy under my belly and works so much better than a pillow.  When I’m laying on it I can’t even feel it.

8. Coming home to a vacuumed house

Enough said.

9. A Baby Shower

My church had a baby shower for me this past month.  It was on a Sunday after church and it was a great time.  It was nice and small but many people who couldn’t make it left gifts and I was overwhelmed by their generosity.  We were blessed by our church family and we’re looking forward to raising munchkin there!

What made you smile this month?

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  1. Nights at the drive in and day trips sound like so much fun! Glad you're getting all this time together :)

  2. What a wonderful list!  And yes, it will be so fun when you baby is born and you see them punching and moving a certain way and you will know that is what they were doing in there.   Glad you are enjoying your time as it is a big adjustment at first- an adjustment that is hard and crazy but oh so so wonderful and worth it.
     Thank you so much for linking up

  3. :) Hope you're getting some good hubby time in too!

  4. Thanks! I enjoyed making the list and am looking forward to linking up again:)


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