June 27, 2012


I’ve been doing a little bit of nesting lately.  Not the cleaning kind (cleaning is not my cup of tea…there wasn’t enough of 2012-06-22 15.06.16the gene left for me by the time I showed up!)  I’ve been sewing and making things for munchkin.  I had wanted to sew things for her but didn’t have the energy until now.  I’ve been a little busy.  I’ve made:


Changing Pad

This was originally going to be my travel one but I made it a little big, so it’s going to live on top of The Man’s dresser while it doubles as a changing table.  I used PUL (a waterproof material used in cloth diapers) on the bottom and minky material on top so it will be soft against Munchkin’s skin.  I did use some batting in between for a little cushion.

2012-06-22 15.12.09 (1)

Travel Changing Pad

After looking online at the sizes other people are making and what I wanted, I went back and made my own.  I used the same PUL and minky fabric and added some ribbon that I had on hand to tie it.  I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

Rolled up:

2012-06-22 15.07.01 (1)



Cloth Wipes

Since we are cloth diapering I thought it would be nice to have some cloth wipes to go with them.  I’ve read that 2-3 dozen is a good place to start so I made 2 dozen cloth wipes.  There are several ways to make some and I did the slightly more involved method of T&T (turn and topstitched.)

2012-06-22 15.10.56 (1)

Wash Cloths

We had some wash cloths but I wanted just a few more.  So I made some!  I used flannel on one side and some terry cloth I had on hand on the other side.  I also added just a little bit of ribbon so we could hang it to dry if we wanted too.

2012-06-22 15.08.58 (1)

Tabby Blanket

I already had 2 tabby blankets but have been wanting to make one for Munchkin since I found out I was pregnant.  So I did.  I love the elephant flannel and the back is super soft with the brown minky.

2012-06-22 15.07.38 (1)

Panel Quilt

I feel like this on e is a little bit of a cheat since all I did was add batting and backing to the panel and then quilt around the elephant.  We didn’t buy a crib set so this is it.


Burp Cloths

I had some fabric that I thought would be perfect for burp cloths so I made some of those too!  I have several already but I figure you can’t have too many, right?  I backed the animals ones (which is also the material I used to back the panel quilt) with flannel and the other one is backed with minky.  I hate working with minky but love how soft it is!

2012-06-22 15.08.09 (1)

Travel Wipe Case

I had seen these in some shops costing between $15-20.  I knew I could make them much cheaper than that!  I looked for tutorials online and found this one.  There are others but this is the one I liked best.  It was very easy to make.  Mine isn’t perfect but I know I’ll be better as I make more.


I had a great time making all of this for Munchkin.  I can’t wait for her to get here and we get to use all of it!


  1. You are very talented. I wish I had learned to sew when I was younger!

  2. Holy nesting! You are killing it over there! Worlds best mom!

  3. I've only been sewing for about 7 years...I didn't learn till 2005! You still have time to learn:)

  4. And don't forget the diapers you made. They are super cute

  5. Oh my gosh girl! That is crazy! LOVE your talent & Ideas. I made 2 taggies for baby Katherine too. Wish she had attached to them. She's not interested

  6. Ahhh!! I wish I was that awesome before Millie was born!

  7. Right. But I did post about those already! We need to make a few more:) Can you bring the pattern with you when you come?

  8. Thanks:) It's sad that she didn't like them!

  9. I think you're pretty awesome regardless!


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