June 18, 2012

Pt. Defiance Zoo

We’ve lived in the PNW for just under three years.  We’ve managed to get into Seattle multiple times and even over to the Olympic Peninsula.  Somehow we haven’t gotten to the zoo.  It’s only 30 minutes away.  I’ve been wanting to go for AGES.  A friend has a membership and is able to bring two guests for free so they brought me.  I’m looking forward to getting our own membership cause I think Munchkin is going to love the zoo!

It’s a small zoo but perfect for kids.  It was a little crowded but that’s because there were a bunch of school kids there for a field trip, plus it was the 30th birthday weekend of one of the walruses.  It was also the first sunny and warm day we’ve had in about a week.

2012-06-15 10.23.57

There is a gorgeous view on Mt. Rainier and Puget Sound from the area where you walk into after getting your tickets. If you look in the middle, kinda right above the kid in the red shirt, that white thing is Mt. Rainier.

2012-06-15 10.45.13

It was pretty warm and it made some of the animals sleepy.  The elephant was snoozing and enjoying his midmorning nap!

2012-06-15 10.46.35

The tiger was sleepy too.  I wasn’t quite ready for a nap yet but a few hours later I would have loved to be snoozing too!

2012-06-15 12.40.16

The thing in the middle that looks like a rock?  That’s a walrus swimming around.  It was kinda stinky so I didn’t stick around for long.

2012-06-15 13.22.55

A cute meerkat.  They’re not just cute, their meercute!

2012-06-15 12.48.20

One of my favorite birds is a puffin.  I think they’re really cute!

2012-06-15 13.30.17

This is my new favorite maternity picture.  I love Mt. Rainier in the background.  I think I look pretty good too.  As big as I feel, at least the mountain is bigger!

Sadly they don’t have any giraffes, my favorite but there is a good selection of animals.

What is your favorite animal to see at the zoo?


  1. I love zoos! I really wanted to see puffins while in Ireland but the day we tried it was too foggy! Love that picof you too!

  2. I love the Zoo! I love Elephants so I always look forward to seeing those, and giraffes! We are hopefully going to be at Woodland park sometime next month and my little 20 mo. old loves lions (that is favorite sound to make right now) so I'm excited for him to see those! You look great and I love that Mt. Rainier is in the background! :)

  3. I love that last picture! My hubby and I went to that zoo when he was stationed out there and we liked it.

  4. Thanks! I still have to get DH there but it's just a matter of scheduling:) I think he'll like it!

  5. They didn't have giraffes and I was sad. I was happy to see an elephant though...I also love them! I haven't been to Woodland Park yet. You'll have to let me know how it is!

  6. :( Maybe you can see some when you visit Seattle!

  7. Nicole VandeventerJuly 1, 2012 at 12:44 AM

    Great pictures! :) Beautiful mountain, too. The Boise zoo is only about 30 minutes from me and I've been a couple times with friends, but... it's a pretty small zoo too, and I've noticed the desperation in the animals' eyes, like they wish they were in the wild. I'm no animal rights freak (no disrespect, I love animals a lot), but I have a hard time going to zoos because I want to free the animals. lol :) My favorite animal to see is... well, I've not seen one yet. Someday Lord-willing, a koala. I really love orcas, but of course those aren't at the zoo. lol

  8. I also went to a zoo when I was insanely pregnant, and they didn't have any giraffes either :( I love that last pic of you!


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