August 31, 2012

10 Things To Smile About; August

Another month is almost over!  I can’t believe summer is almost over.  There were many things to smile about this month!  So in no particular order:

10. The Little Girl

She is just so cute!  Even when I’m sleep deprived she makes me smile.  How you can not smile at these expressions?


9. The Man

He still isn’t working (we’re waiting on a start date for his job) so he’s been around a lot.  He’s been doing things around the house and it’s nice to be able to hand off munchkin.  He LOVES his daughter and it just melts my heart to watch him with her.  He’s also way better than I am at getting munchkin to sleep at night.  I mean, how cute is this picture?

2012-07-31 19.56.58

8. Going to the county fair

We had a great time taking munchkin to the county fair.  It was our first time going and we had a great time.  We saw some animals and explored the vendors and ate some yummy pulled pork sandwiches.  This is going to be a yearly event for us.

2012-08-24 19.13.54

7.  Going to a triple-A baseball game

A friend on Facebook was giving away tickets to the Tacoma Rainiers so I jumped on them.  I was given 4 tickets so we invited some friends to enjoy the game with us.  We got there right before the game started and the parking lot was fun.  None of us had been there before so we found a side street to park on.  We ended up having to walk all the way around the stadium but we managed to get there in the middle of the second inning.  Munchkin slept for most of the game.  She did eat too and it was the first time I nursed in public.  Even though I used a cover I was proud of myself as I’m still not really comfortable nursing in public.

2012-08-23 19.44.09

6. Celebrating 3 years of marriage

The Man and I had our 3rd anniversary at the beginning of the month.  My mom was here and she watched Munchkin so we could go out for dinner.  It was nice to just be the two of us again, even if we did miss Munchkin.  We were also home by 9:30…does this make us old?


5.  My new faucet

My anniversary present from my amazing husband (who is currently trying to feed our crying baby) was a touch faucet that I’ve been wanting since we bought the house.  It’s awesome and I love it!

4. Having my mom here

With having the unexpected c-section, it was wonderful to have my mom here to help out.  She also enjoyed getting Munchkin snuggles!

2012-07-28 15.37.25

3.  Munchkin turned 1 month

She’s getting so big! I know, I know, she’s going to get bigger but still.  She’s smiling at us and cooing and grunting.  We love all of her expressions!

2012-08-20 11.08.17

2.  Trips to Ocean Shores & Port Townsend

While mom was here we took a day trip to Port Townsend and an overnight to Ocean Shores to show her the Washington coast.  We had a great time in both places.  A fire on the beach in Ocean Shores was fun, even if it was a bit cold for munchkin.

2012-08-05 13.43.10

2012-08-07 21.12.02

1.  Blackberries are in season!

We have blackberry bushes all around our house and one of our favorites things to do is to pick them.  We love to just eat them and I will also freeze them and make jam.  I’m not making jam this year and while we haven’t picked as many as we usually do we have picked a few.  We hope to take full advantage of them next summer!

2012-08-15 18.55.19


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  1. Good job nursing in public! I know it's kinda weird, but baby's gotta eat! Looks like you had a good month.

  2. Thanks:) I know it will get easier the more I do it! And we did have a good was yours?

  3. Love love your list! Sorry I am finally getting to this. Your little girl is so adorable! Love all her facial expressions. Good job nursing in public- not an easy thing the first time but it does get easier. I had an unplanned c-section with my first too. I remember the first night I was back home and I lay down on the couch and then realized I could not get up! Never fun to recover from. Happy Anniversary!! Thank you so much for linking up

  4. Oh, the pain of getting up that first week after the c-section! I don't think I realized how much I use my abs on a daily basis! It took me an hour to get out of bed.

    And I'm hoping that nursing in public does get easier...everyone says it does so I'm believing them:)

  5. How nice of your husband to give you what you've been wanting since you guys bought the house. I have a great feeling that the faucet looks absolutely gorgeous. A husband wouldn't give his wife just any faucet for a gift. :)

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