August 6, 2012

The Hippie Stuff

I’m coming back soon, I promise!  Just a few more guest posts for you.  I think this is one that I’ll be able to write in a few months…we are wanting to try many of these things with Munchkin!


Hi, I'm Chantal and I write at Scattered Seashells.  I've been married to Brandon for 4 years, as long as he's been in the Army, and we have a 6 month old, Penny. We're currently stationed at Fort Rucker while he goes to flight school. I love blogging and reading what others have to say! Thanks for letting me guest post!

I’m what you’d describe as a “crunchy mom.” I don’t like labels, though; I just say I’m into all kinds of hippie-stuff!

A few years ago, I wasn’t like this. I was a processed-food-eating, working-mom, send-my-kids-to-public-school kind of girl. Well, things change a lot when you have a baby.  Suddenly, I didn’t want an epidural and took classes to go for that natural birth (which
ended up as a c-section because of a breech baby… but that’s a whole other story). We  weren’t so sure about vaccinations, and so far our baby hasn’t had any shots. We are even doing baby-led weaning and skipping purees altogether! We do some baby-wearing, when she tolerates it!


Those are some of the more extreme “hippie” things we do. Basically, looking at us, we’re your normal family. We just buy all-natural and organic foods, a big switch we made a few years ago for health reasons, and we like to keep everything as natural as possible. We do what feels right for our family.

One of my favorite things to do with babies is diapers. Yep, I’m obsessed. I looooveee cloth diapers and I’m not afraid to tell you about them! If you haven’t messed with them before, they can seem a bit daunting. Who doesn’t want to just roll their diaper up and throw it in the trash?

Let me tell you, cloth diapers are far from difficult. They’re just like disposables but we’re saving so much money! We have spent maybe $350 on diapers and diaper equipment, and that’s it. And we aren’t hippie enough to worry about the environment tons, but just knowing that those chemical-filled poopy diapers won’t be sitting in a landfill is enough for me to feel pretty happy.

Oh, and they’re pretty cute, huh?


I could go on and on, but you could just check out my blog for all the scoop on what we do. This “hippie stuff” really works for our family and I love it. Having a baby can be so fun because of all the opportunities it opens you up to!



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