September 27, 2012

Bountiful Baskets

Ever since moving to the PNW I’ve been wanting to do a crop share type thing.  There are several local ones and I’ve either missed the deadline or we haven’t had the money for it since you have to pay upfront.  Then I had a couple of friends who participate in Bountiful Baskets.  When I saw the amount of veggies they were getting I knew I had to try it out!

It’s a Co-Op and in our area it runs every other week.  What you do is contribute on Monday or Tuesday and let them know what you want.  We did a conventional basket for $15 (Organic is $25) and there’s a $1.50 processing fee.  We also paid a $3 fee for a basket the first time and we won’t have to pay it again.

Then on Saturday you go to the location you picked to pick up your fruits and veggies.  I was surprised with how much produce we got!2012-09-22 17.53.16  We got apples, bananas, pears, limes, a melon, an avocado, tomatoes, English cucumbers, sweet potatoes, celery, carrots and collard greens.  You have no control over what you get so it is a bit of a gamble.  For us, we don’t usually eat collard greens.  We have found a yummy sounding soup recipe and are excited to try it!  The Man doesn’t enjoy sweet potatoes so I’ve been enjoying sweet potato chips.  Have you ever made them?  They are easy and delicious!

First, thinly slice your sweet potato.  I use my easy slicer so they are all the same size and will cook the same.  Spread them out on a cookie sheet.  I use stoneware so I don’t have to worry about turning them.

2012-09-24 15.29.32

Next spritz with olive oil.  I used my Pampered Chef spritzer thingie.

2012-09-24 15.32.48

Then I sprinkle a little salt on them.

2012-09-24 15.34.09

Finally, bake them at 375 for 20-25 minutes.  Enjoy!

2012-09-24 15.55.10


  1. You are too funny and I love you. Never thought of you eating collard greens

  2. Yum! Sweet potatoes! And it's funny you post this today because my mom just told me how she gets baskets through these guys too.

  3. I might have to see if we have that in our area. Since moving to the suburbs I've been looking for farmer's markets and fresh produce. BTW... I love my Pampered Chef slicer thingy too :)


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