November 22, 2012

Giving Thanlks

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you Lord for all of the blessings you have given me.  There are too many to name; your love knows no bounds. Thank you for Jesus, for his blood that removes my sin. Thank you Jesus, for replacing my sin with your righteousness.  I am not worthy, thank you for loving me. You are an amazing God and I give you honor and glory and praise for all you have done and are doing!

Father, thank for the good gifts you give. Thank you for my husband. Thank you for two years of sobriety and for the growth I see in him. Thank you for his desire to lead our family and grow in your word. Please give him wisdom and discernment. Thank you for his job and providing for all our needs. Thank you for taking care of us and meeting our needs while he has been out of work. Thank you for having a start date!

Thank you for Munchkin. She is the most amazing gift and we are so, so thankful. She is my sunshine girl and I can't imagine life without her. Please help us to show her you. Thank you Father, for this child.

Thank you for family, near and far. Thank you for family we won't see today. Please bless their day. Thank you for family we will see today and help us to enjoy each other and make memories for the future.

Thank you Father, for warm shelter, food, and clothes. Thank you that all our needs and many of our wants are met. Thank you for the luxury of choice.

Father, thank you for your protection and safety.  Thank you that even when I fear, you are my strong tower. Thank you, Lord, that your victory is assured. Help me not too lose sight of the end goal. Help me to stay strong in you.

Thank you for your Word and the wisdom and knowledge it contains.  Help us to cherish it and allow it to direct our lives.

Lord, I have barely scratched the surface the the good gifts you have blessed me with. Thank you is not enough for all you have done. You alone are worthy of thanks.



  1. such true words, we have so much to be thankful for

  2. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  3. :) Happy Thanksgiving a week late!


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