December 11, 2012

On My Own

The Man is working again after 5 months off.  We are so thankful that he was able to start so quickly, as we found out that some people have tried for 2, 3 and even 4 years to get into the Shipyard.  So far he’s liking his shop, his supervisor and the guys he works with.  It’s much more laid back than the Navy (no surprise there!)  He’ll be doing a lot of the same things he was doing but with no deployments or long hours.  If Munchkin and I are both sick, he’ll be able to stay home with us.  I think we’re going to enjoy civilian life a lot!2012-12-08 11.46.06

The first week was a little rough.  On top of working he’s been taking classes at the local community college.  So we went from him being home all day to being gone all day and a portion of the night.  The days were a little long for and and I was more than happy to have him home!  I know once we get into a routine we’ll be fine.

That routine won’t happen anytime soon as Nana will be arriving and will be here for about a month.  After that we’ll get a routine down.  I think (hope!) it will be easier once she’s a little older and isn’t teething.  The wanting to be held all day gets old  and tiring quickly.  Thank goodness for baby carriers!2012-12-04 17.02.35


  1. Thinking of you as you transition...We are going through the same thing with Cam wanting to be held all the time because he's teething. Thank goodness for Highlands meds - they usually work so great so quickly! Good luck!

  2. So glad the man got a job so soon afterwards - thinking of you all!

  3. I have several friends and family that work at the Shipyard. It's nice stability and decent pay. I'm glad he was able to get in so quick but I know being a veteran helps! You'll get your routine down soon. Life will settle and become normal before you know it.


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