December 10, 2012

Santa Success!

We brought Munchkin to meet Santa for the first time this past weekend.  She didn’t mind him holding her at all and was quite happy to sit on his lap!


Maybe next year we’ll get the crying child photo.  Every good parent has one of those!


  1. What an accomplishment :) We are taking Cameron this week and I am 98% sure he will freak out! :) Haha!!

  2. I hoped for a crying Santa photo too... but alas, my girl is brave.

  3. Cute picture! My daughter has met Santa twice, and each time she cried!

  4. So sweet! It's funny too, because I kinda hoped Millie would cry every year, and nothing so far!

  5. awww… so cute. I'm hoping to get our Santa photo this week. We've been too busy lately.

  6. Hope you got your photo already:)


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