March 26, 2013

8 Months

Munchkin’s been doing her job and she’s getting bigger and learning new and exciting things, like clapping.  She loves standing.  She has absolutely no desire to crawl. P3140590Why crawl when you can scoot on your bum and pull yourself up?  She’s not too great at pulling herself up using objects like the sofa but when she can grasp onto someone’s fingers she’s a pro. 

I’m still her favorite person.  I’m not complaining but it does make it harder when I’m alone at church.  There are plenty of people who would love to hold her.  I pass her over but even with me standing right there she cries and screams.  If I leave it’s no better.  My mama heart can’t take it for too long so she usually doesn’t hang out with other people too often.  She also rarely smiles at church. She’s too busy taking everything in.

She  loves her daddy a lot.  She loves it when he bounces with her on the exercise ball.  She just puts her head on his shoulder and holds on, content to be held.  She also loves it when he comes home from work.  She’s all smiles and excitement.  She knows she’s the center of our world!



  1. Cuuuute! Penny is still a big mama's girl. Just how she is!

  2. 8 months!? She is so big. And those teeth! Ha! Love it.

  3. I don't mind having a mama's girl:) I know it will only last for so long!

  4. I love those two bottom teeth! She might be singing all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth at the rate she's going though:)

  5. My munchkin is 11 months now and still doesn't crawl. She's an expert scooter though!

  6. Isn't amazing how well they can get around on their bum? She is definitely on the move!


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