April 18, 2013

9 Months

Dearest Munchkin~

You’re 9 months old now and growing like a weed.  You’ve been out in the world for about as long as you were in my belly.  My Album 2-001At this time  last year I was excitedly waiting for your arrival. Now that you’re here, I love you more than I knew I would. You amaze me and I’m so thankful for you. I’m so thankful that I’m your mama! You’re my sunshine girl and you add joy to every day, even when you’re cranky.

You are a happy baby. You’ve been a little cranky because you’ve got 4 teeth coming in.  Your middle two teeth are coming in along with one on each side.  You’ve been pretty cranky at night and want lots and lots of cuddles. Daddy and I don’t mind at all!  We love snuggling with you. If snuggles is what it takes to get through teething, than snuggling is what we will do! We’re hoping they come in quickly so you’ll be your happy self again.

My Album 2-002You also want to walk. We bought you the Sit to Stand to help you walk and you love it! I think it’s funny when you’re walking behind it and you reach your hand through to press the sun. You love to walk with it and to sit and play with it.  You also like to stand while holding on to one of us. You’re still a little wobbly while walking but I think you’re going to get it soon.  You have no interest in crawling. People keep telling that it is important for the devolvement of your brain and your arms that you crawl but I can’t make you! I try to put you on your ands and knees and you won’t have it. You go to your belly, pull up your arms and legs like superman and cry.  Daddy and I find it amusing. You’re cute when you cry.

You’re liking food more. You often eat when we eat.  You ate a stuffed shell the other night and made a mess but loved it.  You like chicken, strawberries, avocado, pasta, and kiwi, just to name a few foods.  Even though you.like all those foods, the mama milk is still your favorite.  I don’t mind at all!

Munchkin, your daddy and I love you very, very much. Thank you for being you. 

Hugs and kisses,



  1. I wouldn't worry too much about the crawling! I know plenty of babies who have skipped crawling and they grew up just fine! ;)

    What a cute post! You're going to love looking back at this in the future! I love looking at my old blog posts about my little girls who are not so little any more. :)

  2. Happy 9 months to your little sweetie!

  3. What a beautiful letter for such a beautiful little treasure. You are a good mommy! Thanks for sharing hon.


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