April 20, 2013


The Boston Marathon bombing and the manhunt for the second suspect hits close to home for me, as it does for so many of us. I grew up in Southeastern MA, about 40 minutes south of Boston in a town on one of the many commuter rail lines.  In high school for French club we’d take the train into the city every year for a French meal and to roam the city.  I grew up with family in the city and have great memories of the city.  Boston is one of my favorite cities on the world.  While I’ve intellectually known that something like this could happen anywhere, it’s still a shock for it to happen at home.

I’d like to share a letter that was written by a high school classmate, Monique.  On Tuesday, April 16 she visited the finish line of the Boston Marathon and left a letter with flowers at a growing memorial on the corner of Boylston and Berkley.  She’s a mom and training to run a marathon.  She sums up what I think so many of us are feeling. 

Boston Marathon Memorial

An Open Letter to Whomever Bombed The Boston Marathon:

1) You attacked an event that includes 27,000+ people that have the mental fortitude and physical prowess to run 26.2 miles. Many train for this chance their whole lives. Chances are most of them are a lot faster than you.

2) You attacked Massachusetts on Patriots Day, a day we commemorate our patriotism and how our ancestors were courageous enough to take on the British Empire to fight for our freedom. In case you missed it, we won that one against massive odds.

3) You killed an 8-year old boy and put a 3-year old in the hospital. Every parent in the country is now looking for you.
To sum up, you happened to target a group of super fast, mentally -strong, courageous, freedom fighting patriots who are now hunting you down.

Sleep Well Tonight.

As I write this, Boston has been put on lock down and are asking people to shelter down in place.  I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in the city or even in the state today.  One thing I know…the suspect, the 19 year old man will be found.  He will be brought to justice. Boston and it’s people are strong.  Boston will remain strong.  This will just make them stronger.

* I waited to post this out of respect for the people involved.


  1. Yesterday was one of the. . . weirdest. . . days of my life. Scared, anxious, exhausted. . . wow! So so glad they caught him. My thoughts are still all over the place. Thankful to all of the blogging community who checked in w/ me - including you!!!

  2. I have no words that are good enough for that tragedy. my heart is still hurting, but Boston pulled together so beautifully & that man will be put to justice, thank god. I only hope we can grow stronger from here.

  3. I think we will grow stronger from it!


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