April 30, 2013

April’s 10 Things To Smile About

I’m linking up over at EmmyMom to her monthly meme 10 Things to Smile About.  She started it after a hard month to remind herself that there are always things to smile about.  I totally agree with her and love linking when I remember. 

Here are the things that made me smile this month:

1. Munchkin.

How can this little girl not make me smile? Munchkin profile Even when she’s cranky she’s my sunshine girl!


2.  The Man

I love this man so much! I love how he takes care of me.  I love how much he loves his daughter.  Is there anything better than a daddy spending time with his daughter? It melts my heart every time.


3. Visit from my In-Laws

We had a great weekend when they visited!  Our day in Seattle was fun as was just hanging out at our house.


4. Starbucks.

YUM!Starbucks coffee

5.  Candy Crush Saga

I should have taken the advice of @molly_danger and NOT downloaded this game.  It’s so addicting as I’m sure many of you know! It does make me smile, especially when I beat a level that I’ve been stuck on! I’m currently stuck on level 92. GGGRRRR.

6. Grilling

We can and do grill year round here in the PNW.  We’ve been our of propane for months now and kept forgetting to get more. We FINALLY did and we’ve been grilling up a storm! Hot dogs/brats, hamburgers, steaks…all of it is so yummy!


7.  The Sun and Warmer Weather

The sun has started to make an appearance here in the PNW.  It even hit 70 a day or two last week and it looks like it might later this week too.  The sun makes me smile real big.  Give me some vitamin D please!  I also like being able to sun Munchkin’s dipes.


8.  The Garden

Warmer weather means it’s garden time!  I’m not very good at growing things but I enjoy having a garden.  It’s a little late but I’m excited to get some stuff planted!


9.  Blogging

I’m blogging again and loving it!  Some days it is a struggle but for the most part it’s flowing again.  I had a great time participating in the Ultimate Blog Party ‘13 hosted by 5 minutes for Mom this month, as well as linking up for Menu Planning Monday.  Link ups might not be super fun for all my readers to read but they help me stay blogging. 


10.  My Parents 35th Wedding Anniversary

My parents have been married for 35 years this month. Or well, they would have been, if my dad was still with us.  Even though the day was sad since he’s not with us anymore, remembering Dad makes me smile.  25th AnniversaryMy parents had talked about taking an Alaskan cruise for their 35 wedding anniversary for YEARS.  So while my parents are not able to take it together, my mom decided that she still wanted to go.  We both agree that dad would want her to go! Since it’s no fun to go on a cruise alone, I graciously offered to go with her (I know, no noble and self sacrificing of me!)  We’ll be going later this year.  Knowing that the trip is coming and that we’ll be able to celebrate their marriage made me smile. The photo is from their 25th wedding anniversary party. 

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  1. I love you. :). Even though you are married and a mom you'll always be my baby girl !!!

  2. Grilling is great! DH does it in our house too. I love having no pots or pans to clean:)

  3. Aw, thanks:) I think she's pretty great!

    My parents did set a good example for me and I'm very thankful for that! DH's parents are also still married and have been for 35+ years. We have great examples!

    And no hair would be bad!


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