April 29, 2013

Mr. Fix-It

We bought a table toy for Munchkin from a friend of a friend pretty early in my pregnancy.  I was so excited for Munchkin to play with it, even though I knew it would be awhile.  Back when Munchkin first started trying to stand, I got it out and out help her stand at it.  She loved it!

I didn’t but batteries in it right away.  I was sad to see that there were still batteries in it when I went to put some in.  I have no idea how long they had been in there and they had leaked.  I wasn’t surprised when it didn’t work.  The Man cleaned it really well and it still didn’t work. I was so bummed. I knew Munchkin would love this toy! She loves to  stand at it and hit the buttons, even though it made no sound. 

The Man saw how bummed I was and said that he’d take it apart and see if he could fix it.  He didn’t think he’d be able to but he Fixing a toywould try.  He finally took it apart last night and he was able to fix it!  One of the wires had come off and he had to solder it back together.  He wasn’t surprised it broke as it was poorly put together.  Munchkin loves that it makes noise now! It’s her new favorite toy.  I think we’ll be playing with this a lot in the coming days.



  1. How cute! Daddy's can fix anything.

  2. Well hers can! Mine, well, I love him to pieces but that wasn't his strength:)


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