May 22, 2013

Now that Munchkin is on the move, she’s hearing the word NO more often than she would like.  It’s amazing how quickly she can go from a happy baby to a screaming, crying one!  She’s too cute, even when crying.



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  1. So cute!!!!!!! Dominick is the same way. I feel like I'm always signing and saying no to him.

  2. Agreed - such an expressive face!

  3. Yup! Happens every time I close a door and restrict his "exploring"! Especially the bathroom door... the toilet seems particularly fascinating at the moment. :)

  4. Ah yes the dreaded no word. And yes she is cute when she cries.

  5. Some days I feel like I will never stop saying no lol It's a good thing munchkins can be so cute even when they're grumpy


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