May 9, 2013

Proud Mommy Moments

This week Munchkin has done some great stuff.  I’m so proud of her and can’t believe how fast she’s growing!  9 1/2 shorts month ago all she did was eat, sleep and poop and now she’s a girl on the go.

On Sunday, she rolled over for the first time.  belly sleepShe took her sweet time!  She’s been sitting by herself since 4 1/2 months but she has refused to roll.  Then I went in and check on her during nap time and she was on her belly.  It was amazing!

Then on Tuesday she was scooting around and landed on her belly.  Usually she cries and pulls her arms and legs up like Superman.  This time instead of crying she just looked at me and pushed herself up.  She looked like she was doing a downward dog and then bent her legs and sat down.  She grinned at me and went on her way.  When I started clapping and telling her good job she started clapping too.  She was (is!) so cute!

All this week long she has been scooting and cruising all over the place.  She loves to just walk along.  Sometimes when she’s just standing she’ll let go and just stand there for a few moments and when she realizes she’s not holding onto anything she’ll start to wobble and grabs ahold again.  She wants to be walking so badly.  I think she’ll be walking on her own soon.  At least I’ll get more exercise running after her!

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  1. Holy cow she is really moving now! It is funny how it does just seem to switch on almost one day and they are suddenly realizing all sorts of things they can do. Such a fun fun time! Thanks so much for linking up

  2. awww so precious! Now it really gets fun! :) I love it when they can move around! It's so exciting watching them move around and explore!

  3. That's so fun! I love it when they accomplish something new. My youngest will be 4 months old tomorrow and I know the rolling and sitting are just around the corner.

    Thanks for linking up with me and Emmy!


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