May 30, 2013


I know I told you that Munchkin is walking but I wanted to show you.  So here’s a little video, complete with baby drama.  Don’t let the tears fool you, she loves walking!  This video was taken on Monday.  Since then she’s taken more steps all on her own.  She’s still crawling all over the place as well.  I spend my days chasing her.  Please don’t think I’m complaining, I’m not!  It’s a blessing to have a little one to chase after.  


Munchkin taking some of her first steps

I promise I’ll write about more than Munchkin walking soon!


  1. Awww :) Look at her go! Both of mine starting walking the week after their first birthday. Such a cute video!

  2. Thanks! I love how she talks at the end:)


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