July 23, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Chillin’ In My Chair

Chillin in my chair

It was a gorgeous summer day yesterday.  After nap we went outside to play with Munchkin’s water table.  She loves it and happily splashed away.  We played with the water for a bit and then she decided to wander around the deck a little.  The deck wraps around our house and we let her walk around it without getting to close to the railings.  She petted the pups and walked by the sliding door where her new folding chair was hanging out.

We had tried the folding chair a week ago when we first got it but Walkingshe’s still a little little for it.  When she would try to get down she would fold the chair on herself and cry.  We put is aside but she found it.  She really seems to like it. She wanted to sit in it so I brought it over by the water table and she followed me.  She just toddles along, it’s so cute!  I still have a hard time believing she’s walking!  Anyway, I set up the chair and put her in it. 

She sat in her chair for at least 5 minutes.  I was impressed for a 1 year old!  She babbled to me and to Joey who came to see what she was doing.  She kept turning around to touch the princesses faces.  And she would look up and me a grin.  Finally she wanted down but I think it was because she wanted to see the princesses better.  Then when she was done talking to them, she walked back toward the house and went inside.  She was done playing outside. She is a girl that knows her mind and what she wants already!


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  1. This is so sweet. I remember when my little guy started walking. Thanks for the post!


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