July 31, 2013

Hurricane Munchkin

It amazes me that our living room can go from this:

Many Water Clean Living Room

to this:

Many Waters Toy Explosion

in 20 minutes or less.  Then she’ll lose interest in her toys until I clean them up.  Once they are all put away she wants to take them all out again!

Also, one of her favorite toys is the table.  She loves to push it around.  I think she gets it from her daddy, who loves to rearrange our living room.

Many Waters Table as a Toy


Do your kids have any favorite toys that aren’t really toys?


  1. Penny doesn't mess with her toys much! But when she does, they are everywhere.

  2. LOL! I don't know why we bother with toys since boxes and tables are more fun:)

  3. When our little one was learning to walk, she would push the coffee table all over the living room.

  4. My kids are notorious for only playing with things in the recycle bin or kitchen stuff (we have/had one set of cabinets full of "safe" things we don't really use that often and let them pull out and play with). I have seriously quit buying toys because no one plays with them and I can't stand the clutter! ;)

  5. Aubri loves the drawers on our sofa table. Most of the time we just take them out and put them on the kitchen table.

  6. I can sooo relate to this!! I have four kids (2, 4, 6, and 7) they not only destroy a room in an hour but my whole house!! I need to get them to help clean more frequently. :-) My kids also play with furniture as toys as well as big shipping boxes. I laugh as I look around at all the nice toys they have and how they still go for the "non-toy" items to play with. :-)

  7. Kai isn't old enough yet... can't wait to see what he comes up with!


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