August 22, 2013


This weeks word for Thursday Thoughts is Learning.  Thursday ThoughtsI know school has started in many parts of the country.  It’s still summer vacation here in the PNW and growing up, school didn’t start till the Wednesday after Labor Day.  It still feels weird to not be getting ready to go back to school, 4 years after I stopped teaching.  For most of my life, I headed to the classroom either as a student or a teacher in September. 

There are days I miss the classroom.  I miss the structured learning and interacting with others.  I don’t really miss teaching all that much.  I miss the people, the students and my coworkers more than the actual teaching. 

Even though I’m no longer in the classroom, I’m still learning.  The Man is going to college and we talk about his classes and I’m learning things through him.  I must admit I’m not looking forward to his philosophy class this semester as I’m not really sure how I made it through my class freshman year of college!  As much as I try to stay teachable I know that I’m not always.  I know that I will never know it all.  There’s always  more to be learned!

The most exciting learning that is taking place in our house right now being learned my Munchkin.  She’s figuring things out and trying new things all the time.  She conquered climbing up the stairs earlier this week.  She loves Many Waters Learning on the Beachputting things into a container and then taking them out again.  Books are also a favorite and she’s noticing new aspects in them everyday.  She’s understanding more and more of what we’re saying to her.  Munchkin is excelling at copying us; The Man taught her how to spin around in circles last night.  She’s like a sponge, soaking everything in.  I love it!  It’s so much fun to watch something click! 

*The blog is going to be a little quiet for the next few weeks as I’ll be doing some cross country traveling.   The trip is sure to be fun.  If you’d like to keep up to date, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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  1. Good luck coping with The Man's philosophy course! Maybe Munchkin's thirsty mind will soak up some of it and she'll surprise you with deep philosophical insights about climbing stairs as a metaphor for humanity's quest for meaning, or possibly about the futility of spinning in circles. ;-)

    Seriously though, it must be amazing to watch her make new connections. Kids are students of the world with an intensity to which I can only aspire.


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