September 9, 2013

Home Again

After two and a half weeks and 17 states, Munchkin & I are home again.  My mom has moved in with while we wait for her house to sell (if you pray, please pray it sells quickly and at a price that is good for my mom) and find a place out here. 

The trip was fun and crazy.  We had a blast!   I’ll be sharing our adventures, mostly for Munchkin to read about in the future, since she won’t remember our trip.  I missed blogging while I was on the road and I’m looking forward to jumping back into it.   Many Waters Car Ride

At the moment though, I have a cranky, sick, teething baby.  She’s miserable.  It’s a good thing we’re home cause it would be even worse on the road.  It’s looking like her cousin shared with her what she had when we visited two weeks ago!  The sad news is that she had it for two weeks so we still have a bit to go.  This is the first real sickness (she’s had an ear infection but it really wasn’t that bad) that she’s had and I’m not sure who it’s worse for, her or me!

Also, it’s great to see my husband.  I missed that man a lot!  He was busy while we were gone and the house looks great.  Maybe I should go away more often….

I hope you’ve been well.  What’s been happening with you over the past two weeks?


  1. We just got back from a week long road trip and I have an 8 month old so I feel you! Glad you guys made it home safely and I hope your munchkin feels better! :)

  2. Aw how fun that you're mom is moving the to PNW and gets to see the little one grow!


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