August 16, 2013

Thirteen Months

Sometimes it boggles my mind that Munchkin is thirteen months old.  It seems like she is learning something new everyday.  She’s a busy little girl that doesn’t stay still for very long.  She’ll sit and snuggle if she’s tired…sometimes. 

She loves to walk and run.  She still enjoys pushing furniture around the house.  She LOVES it when daddy comes home from work.  She’ll go running to him with a huge grin on her face, knowing she’ll get snuggle from him.  She’s also started hugging my legs, which I love.  She’s still a snuggly girl and I just love holding her close. 

Munchkin loves playing with her Minnie Mouse stuffed animal and her baby doll.  Violet gets lots Many Waters Reading Books at Thirteen months of attention as well.  Her favorite activity is reading books.  She’ll bring one over, hand it to me and then turn around so I can pull her on my lap.  Her current favorite include Baby Beluga, Jesus Loves Me, Goodnight Moon and Let’s Have A Tea Party (with Minnie Mouse and it’s one of those play a sound books).  She also enjoys dancing when music comes on, which is really just swaying back and forth.  She’s just so cute!  She really likes her Little People toys as they as just perfect to chew on.  We think she’s teething again because of the amount of drool there suddenly is and everything is making it’s way into her mouth again.

Munchkin is also talking!  She still babbles and I have no idea what she’s saying though I’d love to know!  She is says Mama, Daddy, baby (beebee),  kitty (it-ty) and meow (oew).  Baby was her first word and she would say it to both of us.  It confused a little until we realized she was just copying us!  The Man and I call each other baby and very rarely to we call each other anything else.  We’re now calling each other mama and daddy when she’s around and she has taken to calling us that.  She calls herself baby and it’s absolutely adorable.  This past week has made one thing clear to me though…she’s not a baby anymore.  She is 100% toddler!

Munchkin has been taking about 1 nap a day for about two months now.  I feel like we’ve finally gotten into a routine in the last two weeks though.  Her naps are now about 2-3 hours long, which I’m loving!  That down time is so nice in the middle of the day.  I should probably clean or do something productive but I tend to spend it on the computer.  Another skill (trick?) that Munchkin has learned is how to slide off our bed or the sofa on her belly.  I’m really happy she can do this now so I don’t have to worry about her falling off our bed when she wakes up from her nap. She can just toddle on out to me if I don’t hear her.

Munchkin loves her puppies.  Many Waters Puppy KissesShe loves to go over to the dog beds and sit with them.  Molly does pretty well with her though sometimes she does do a little growl.  Joey is sometimes still too hyper for Munchkin but he’s getting better too.  Molly & Joey still like that she shares her food with them.   The kitties gets lots of “love” from Munchkin.  I’m surprised they haven’t scratched her yet as she loves to pull their tales. 

Munchkin is a busy little girl that keeps me on my toes.  I’m so thankful that I’m her mama!


  1. She's so sweet! 13 months is a fun age - they are just learning so much! More words will come before you know it, it's almost scary how quickly they start saying everything (my son was like a parrot) once they got those first few out.


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