October 27, 2013

Trunk Or Treat

Every October our church holds a Trunk Or Treat event.  In the past The Man and I decorated our trunk and handed out candy.  This year was our first year taking Munchkin.  Sadly The Man had to work but Nana went with us.  This year our church expanded the event to include a pumpkin walk, a maze, a chili dump, a hay ride, and games for the kids.  There was so much going on and Munchkin had a great time.

Munchkin dressed up as Minnie Mouse.  Nana made her a bag and even though she couldn’t say Trick or Treat or thank you, she still got candy and treats.  We had fun going around and seeing all the trunks.  In addition to candy she got three small rubber duckies, beads, bubbles, a sticker, and a balloon flower.  She loved carrying her bag around.  I was surprised she wore the Minnie ears for as long as she did.  She was a little overwhelmed by all the kids in costumes.  I think she had a great time though.

Many Waters Minnie Mouse Munchkin

She refused to eat chili so she had a shortbread cookie and a few pretzel rods for dinner. I know, I’m getting Mom of the Year.  At least she had some cheese and crackers before we left home!

Many Waters Trunk or Treat 2013

I’m excited to take her next year.  She should be saying trick or treat and please and thank you.  She should be loving candy and hopefully Daddy will be able to be there to enjoy it with us. 


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  1. She looks adorable and those rubber duckies are the best treat ever!

  2. She's loving the duckies! We're still walking around with them:)

  3. Fun! I can't wait to bring Penny trick or treating.

  4. She looks super cute!


  5. She was adorable! I think I still won "Mom of the Year" since Cara really shouldn't have been there!

  6. Following on bloglovin' via Magnificent Monday Linky :)

  7. How fun! She looks so cute in her costume! :)

  8. What a cutie pie :)
    I hope y'all had a Happy Halloween!


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