October 1, 2013

Tuesday Top Ten: Autumn

This week’s topic is Autumn

I love autumn!  As much as I love spring and summer, I think autumn is my favorite!  In random order, Here’s why:

10. Crisp, cool air

There’s nothing better than the crisp cool night and warm days of early fall.  I love pulling on a sweatshirt and tugging on jeans after a few months of wearing less clothing.  I’m currently loving my newest pair of sweatpants, purchased in Alaska.  They are super comfy and I don’t ever want to take them off.

9. Fall FoliageMany Waters Fall Favorites

I’ve been spoiled by beautiful fall foliage, having grown up in New England.   The love the reds, yellows and oranges of fall, how they announce to all the winter is coming and show off as they prepare for colder weather.  We do get some color in the PNW but nothing like back east.  I miss it every year.

8. Decorating

I love decorating for fall.  I love the different shaped gourds and the Indian Corn and pumpkins and bales of hay and scarecrows and corn stalks.  I haven’t pulled out my fall decorations yet but I’m itching too.  I think it will have to happen this week!.

7. Harvest

I love harvesting the bounty that has grown over the summer.  I diced up and freeze zucchini, we enjoy fresh tomatoes (we plant our tomatoes late and as a result they aren’t ripe till September/early October, depending on the first freeze), and often I’ll make jam out of fruit I froze in the summer. 


Many Waters Munchkins first pumpkin Pumpkins are amazing.  I don’t care if they’re sitting on a vine or flavoring my coffee, I think pumpkins are cute and tasty.  I love roasting them and using them in baked goods.  The Man makes the best pumpkin pie and I look forward to it every fall.   We currently have 5 pumpkins growing in our garden!  They were “mistakes” but we’re super excited about them.  Three of them are sugar pumpkins and I can’t wait to use them.  I bet they are going to taste delicious!

5. Corn Mazes

Corn mazes are so much fun.  The Man is the one who usually gets up out of it since he’s the best at navigating but we both enjoy them.  Last year we brought Munchkin and she fell asleep in her stroller while we figured out how to get out.   Many Waters Corn Maze and Sleeping Munchkin

4. Football

In our house, football is watched all weekend.  We cheer on the Oregon Ducks on Saturday and the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.  Anytime anything football comes on the TV, even a commercial, she puts her arms up for a touchdown!  It’s adorable and I love that we’re teaching her young.

3. Comfort Food

Thick beef stew, creamy mac n’ cheese, chili and chicken pot pie all taste better to me when it’s chilly out.  They are yummy, filling and satisfying.  I can’t wait to add them to my menu plan!

2. Apple Picking

I haven’t been apple picking in WA yet (there is no place near us.  Makes me a sad panda!) but when I lived in MA we used to go apple picking every fall.  Nothing beats homemade apple sauce, apple cake and just plain old eating them!

1. Snuggling under blankets

The cooler weather makes it perfect for grabbing a quilt snuggling under it while watching a movie or TV with someone.  My favorite people to snuggle with are The Man and Munchkin.  Snuggling under a blanket with a cup of tea and a book is one of my favorite activities even though I don’ t get to do it very often anymore. 

Next weeks topic is: Top 10 TV Shows


  1. :) Missed this one! I need reminders to blog! UGH! I need time to blog! I'm missing it like crazy but can't seem to catch up to my liking so I can blog too

  2. I can try to remind you! You still have time:)


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