November 24, 2013


November is flying by.  There are times I wish I could catch it by the tail, dig my heels in and slow it down.  Even so, I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving.  It will be a great day, with yummy food and friends.  I also can’t wait to decorate for Christmas!  I’m really looking forward to it this year and can’t wait to share it with Munchkin.  Even though I’m looking ahead, I’m trying to live and appreciate the now.  Here’s what I’ve been thankful for this past week:

Many Waters Thankfulness November 2013

I'm thankful that we have the freedom to worship without fear of persecution. I'm thankful for my church that preaches Truth. My church family is amazing too, supportive and brings lots of yummy food to potlucks.

I'm thankful for a great relationship with my husband, that we enjoy doing things just the two of us as well as a family. It's nice to be friends with your spouse.

I'm thankful for our house, that it's snug and warm and keeps the wind and rain out! I'm thankful that it's ours (and the banks!) and we can do to it what we want.

I'm thankful for trains, planes and cars. I love that we can travel places and visit family and friends without it taking a months of travel. I'm thankful that moving to the other side of the country, or even a different country, doesn't mean you'll never see that person again.

I'm thankful for Munchkin snuggles. She loves to snuggle when she wakes up and I love it. I know there is a day coming in the not to distant future when she's not going to want to snuggle anymore and I'm thankful that she does now.

I'm thankful for the little things, like hot coffee & tea, pretty sunrises and sunsets, kisses from loved one and making memories.

I'm thankful for family time, running into friends at the mall and finding unexpected deals for Christmas presents.


What are you thankful for this week?


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