November 23, 2013


Joey is a beagle.  He’s adorable and very often a pain in the butt.  I call him my pita pup (pain in the fill-in-the-blank.)  He was my dad’s and I promised to take care of Joey for him.

My parents got Joey when dad retired.  Many Waters Daddy and JoeyHe needed a reason to get him up in the morning as he was starting to sleep in later and later.   Having Joey also gave Daddy something to take care and something to do.  Dad would take him for walks and watch TV with him.  Joey was his little buddy.  Daddy loved Joey and Joey loved him.

While daddy was still in hospital before going home on hospice, he asked me to take care of Joey for him.  I promised him I would.  Joey slept with me while I was there and became my buddy.   He flew with The Man back to the PNW and he’s been with us ever since. 

It’s been an interesting two years with Joey.  He’s full of energy and wants to be the center of attention at all times.  If you sit down, he wants to be in your lap.  If he can’t be in your lap than he expects you to be petting him.  If you try to give any attention to Molly, Joey butts in.  He’s a pup (he’s 5) that is full of energy and life.  If you’re petting him he’s content to to be calm.  We think he was abused as a pup and the vacuum and lawn mower freak him out.  He has great facial expressions and his ears are so soft.  He’s good with Munchkin.  She loves to share her snacks with him. 

I had a hard time with him once the baby was born.  My post partum depression didn’t help.  I just couldn’t deal with him.  I yelled at him way more than he deserved.  I’m doing better now and am not yelling as much.  He can still be a handful.  He needs more attention than I can give him.  After talking with The Man and a lot of prayer, we’ve come to the conclusion that we need to find Joey a new home.

Many Waters Joey

I’m having a hard time with it.  Intellectually, I know it’s the right decision.  I’m not doing a good job of taking care of him for daddy.  He doesn’t get the attention he needs and deserves.  Emotionally, I can’t imagine giving away daddy’s dog.  He asked me to take care of him and I have failed.  I just can’t do it.  I know that daddy wouldn’t want my well being to come before a dog.  I still feel guilty and like a horrible person.  I’m not a person that just gives away my animals.  In my mind, once I (we) adopt them, they are ours until they die.  They are part of our family and you don’t give away family.  If it was up to me, we would keep Joey even though it will be tough in the future.  I can’t imagine having him if/when we have another baby.  However, like I said, I know it is the right decision. 

We have him on a beagle rescue page right now.  We’ve had a few inquiries about him but none have worked out yet.  The last one was a phone call from a guy wanting a dog that would be good for an apartment.  Well, Joey is not good for an apartment AND the guy sounded drunk.  That’s a no go.  It’s going to be hard to find the right family for him.  We’ll keep looking for a family for Joey.  Part of me figures that we’ll never find the right family so he’ll stay with us.  We’ll see though.  While we wait, I have to figure out how to give away my daddy’s dog and be ok with it.


  1. Your dad asked you to take care of Joey, not keep him forever. You ARE taking care of him by finding him a good home. ((hugs))

  2. Your mom can't take him? That is too bad that it isn't working out for you. I know it must be a very hard decision for you since he is a part of your dad and his memory but like you said your dad would understand. Best wishes!

  3. Good luck finding him a good home. Taking care of him doesn't exactly me YOU have to do it, but that you're taking care of him in the way you can.

  4. Awww, he looks so cute. I hope that you can find him a new forever home.

  5. Aw my heart breaks for you. Dogs really are family and I can't imagine being in this situation. Your dad asked you to take care of him and maybe the only way you can do that right now is to find a family for him that has the time to give him the attention and care he needs. Hope you can find a good fit <3

  6. I know. I tell myself that but it's still hard. I know you understand!

  7. Mom doesn't handle Joey well; he's too energetic and excitable for her. She agrees with us that he needs a new home, so it's nice to have her support.

  8. Thanks. I feel like I am the one who needs to take care of him, but you're right. Finding him the right home is better for all of us! Now for my heart to get that....

  9. Thank you. It's just so hard! I'm praying we can find the right home too!

  10. We have a beagle as well, and she is a total handful! After I got pregnant with our daughter it all went down hill with her and I couldn't take it anymore. But now that Harper is 1, Duchess has really calmed back down and has gotten use to "sharing" me. We really thought about giving her away, but she is doing so much better now. Maybe give it some time? But I know how you feel!

    Amanda @ Happily Ever After


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