November 21, 2013

Victoria, BC

Our last port call on our Alaskan cruise was Victoria, BC.  I have to admit that I was not excited about this port call at all.  It happened on Friday and we arrived in the late afternoon and were there until 11:30.  I was really wanting to be home already. I was missing my baby and my husband and I was engorged and in pain. 

We decided, last minute, to book a tour called “Victoria at your Leisure.”  It was a tour on a double decker bus with time to shop downtown.  It was also cheap, which was nice.  We managed to snag a seat on the top deck.  The tour was short but we didn’t mind.   Many Waters Victoria BC Totem Poles Once we were dropped off we went by the museum and looked at the totem poles that were scattered on the grounds.  I wasn’t aware that Victoria had such a large collection of totems but I’m not surprised.  After that we walked around The Empress Hotel.  We had talked about doing high tea there (it’s famous for it) but decided not too.  I took a lot of photos and hopefully we can go back and have tea there some time!  Victoria isn’t too far from Seattle.  Clipper vacations often has deals to Victoria and now that The Man has a passport, maybe we can make it happen!Many Waters The Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC

Once we had our fill of walking around The Empress, we did a little shopping.  We didn’t want to buy a lot, but Munchkin needed something from Victoria!  Mom was super happy that we found a Starbucks.  It was her first one all week.  After Mom got her drink it was time to head back.  We were still in port for several hours but Mom and I were fine going back to the boat.  We were ready to head home to Seattle!

Many Waters Victoria BC


  1. Victoria is beautiful! My mom lived there for a couple years and one of my sisters was born there.

  2. This looks like so much fun. I would love to go to Canada one day.

  3. I'd love to see more Canada! I'd love to see PEI:)

  4. It is! You guys should go on'd get to visit Seattle:)


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