November 22, 2013

Jamberry Nail Shields {A Review}

I was given a half sheet of Jamberry Nail Shields in return for a review.  All opinions are my own.

Many Waters Jamberry Review

I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot abut Jamberry Nail Shields on Facebook and Twitter.  I have wanted to try them but at $15 a sheet, I didn’t want to buy them and hate them.  So when Brittany, a fellow milspouse and Jamberry consultant, offered me a half sheet for a review, I thought it was a great idea! 

I read the instructions and watched the videos on how to apply the shields.  It seemed easy enough but I was still nervous.  I gathered my supplies and I grabbed my hair dryer because I didn’t have the Jamberry heater and it worked fine.  I cleaned my nails with an alcohol swab and pushed my cuticles back.  I used the plastic orange stick to take the shield off the sheet once I figured out which one to use.  I heated it for 3-4 seconds and placed it on my nail, pressing down firmly to adhere it.  I kept getting one little air bubble at the top and another one at the bottom. I think it’s cause my nails are curvy.  I then used my scissors to trim the shield and filed it down using a 90 degree angle. I repeated until all the nails where covered.   I did all my nails before heating the shields again.

Many Waters Jamberry Freshly Applied

My left hand was much easier to do than my right.  That’s no surprise since I’m right handed. I have yet to master using my left hand to do my nails.  My left hand came out much, much better than my right.  It looked nicer and lasted longer than my right.  I should have had my mom do my right hand but live and learn.  It took my about a half hour to forty minutes to do both hands.  I think with practice and doing it during nap time it will be quicker and easier to do.  You can see the air bubbles if you look closely but if you just glance at my hands you can’t tell.

I kept them on for a week. I did everything I normally do such as dishes, laundry,  tubby time, cooking, cleaning…I didn’t take it easy on my hands at all.  My left hand lasted longer.  I wasn’t surprised since they were on better.  As the week wore on and the tips of the shields came off, my nails still looked good.  The missing pieces didn’t jump out at me the way chipped nail polish does.  It just blended in with my nail.  It might have something to do with the color of the shield I used.  Chips in my polish annoy me to no end and is one reason I don’t paint my nails very often.  I really enjoyed having my nails done.  It made me feel better, more feminine.  

Many Waters Jamberry One Week Later

Right after I took the pictures above I removed two shield from my right hand.  They were ready to come off.  My nail underneath the shield is healthy and you can’t tell I had anything on it. 

What I love:

  • I love that they are easy to apply .
  • They held up well against daily life (much better than the Kiss Nail Shields I’ve tried in the past.)
  • They look great and have so many different designs.
  • They are perfect for special occasion and daily wear.
  • There is no damage to your nails.

What I don’t love:

  • I don’t love the price. $15 a sheet isn’t really in my budget at the moment. 
  • The air bubbles that I just couldn’t get out, not matter how hard I tried.
  • I have small hands and nails and I’m not sure I’d get more than one application out of a sheet.  Well, maybe one hand and one foot.  I don’t know for sure since I haven’t seen a full sheet.  (Just a note, in the photo at the top of the post, 1/4 of a sheet is pictured.  I was given a 1/2 sheet and it had to be cut in half to fit in the envelop.  I had already used half of it before I remembered to take a picture of it.)
  • The learning curve.  I think it’s going to take me 2-3 more times to really get good at applying the shields.  Practice makes perfect! (If you would like to try a sample, you can contact Brittany through her Facebook page to get a free sample.)

I think Jamberry Nail Shields are great and are a good quality.  I would recommend them and am hoping I can get some in the near future!  I might have to have a party, as Jamberry is a home based business and is run similar to Pampered Chef, Scentsy, etc.  You can have an in home party OR an online party.  Either way you earn free and half price nail shields.   One nice perk is that when you buy three sheets, you get one free (some restrictions apply.)  

If you want to know more, you can check out Brittany’s Facebook page and/or her website.  Jamberry Nail Shields would make a great gift or stocking stuffer.  If you don’t want to pick out the design for someone else, you can always give a gift card. 


  1. wow those are expensive for what they are. I would rather just go to the nail salon and let someone pamper me for a few extra dollars. I typically just paint my nails.

  2. I've always wanted to try these, but that price tag is nowhere near something I can spend and not feel completely guilty for.

  3. I hear ya! I really like them so I think I need to save my pennies:)

  4. I love a good pedicure! So pampering:)

  5. This is Brittany, the Jamberry Consultant, and I would like to take a minute to clarify something that is a little misleading in this review (although I am grateful for it).

    Poe Kitten was sent a half sheet of wraps, as she mentioned above, however the photo itself is not the full half sheet. Due to envelope size & not wanting to damage the product, I had to cut the half sheet down further. What she is in fact showing you is only one quarter of a sheet.

    While the product itself is $15, one sheet is able to give you 3-4 applications, not one. In reality, you are spending approximately $4 per application, still much cheaper than visiting a salon. You can see what full sheets look like by visiting my Facebook page
    (linked in her post) and browsing the photos. I have been wearing
    Jamberry for over a year and have always gotten at least three
    applications out of each sheet.

    Curvy nails also do post a problem for some, and we have ways to work around that if it's an issue for you. (I didn't know, I apologize).

    I also ALWAYS offer samples if you would like to try before buying. I hate for customers to spend the money without feeling comfortable with the product. If you would like a sample, please feel free to message me on my facebook page and I will gladly get those out in the mail for you. It does take a little bit of a learning curve, but that's what the samples are for :)

    ~Brittany Williams, Independent Jamberry Consultant

  6. Thanks for clarifying Brittany! I did add some of your points to my review, in case people don't read the comments. Thank you for your comment.


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