January 20, 2014

A Winter Wedding in Maine

My friend Megan got married in Maine last weekend. Many Waters A Winter Wedding in Maine It was small, intimate and perfectly Megan.  I was privileged to stand  with her while she said her vows.  

The day started with Megan, her Maid of Honor, Sam and I getting our hair done together.  Megan changed into her dress in the salon.  She was (is!) gorgeous.  The dress was perfect for her.  Then Sam managed to get us to the bakery to pick up cupcakes and eat lunch and to the restaurant where the wedding was being held in one piece.  This was quite a feat as it was raining/sleeting and the roads and sidewalks were icy.  What do you expect in January in Maine? 

Many Waters Getting Ready for Megan's Wedding

At the restaurant we were joined by the other three bridesmaids.  We avoided the groom and his men, hung out with Megan’s family and took some photos while we waited for the appointed time for the wedding to start.


The wedding was officiated by Nicole, a friend from Law school.  The ceremony might have lasted 5 minutes but it was perfect. It fit Megan to a T.  Her husband too, but I don’t know him as well.  However, from what I can tell, they are perfect for each other.  It brought me great joy to watch them together.  I’m so glad they found each other and wish them many, many years of happiness together.

Many Waters M's Wedding

Munchkin had a great time looking out the window and the ducks and dancing.  She was a hit and everyone thought she was adorable.  She would go to anyone who would take her to the windows or out on the little deck to look at the ducks.  She was fascinated with looking out the window.  She also enjoyed dancing.

Many Waters Munchkin at Megan's wedding

Megan planned this well, as she is moving to Australia.  When they celebrate their anniversary, it will be summer.  I think that if they ever do this again, in January, they should do it someplace warm.  How about the Florida Keys?  Then we wouldn’t have to worry about ice!


  1. I have a friend who was just here from Australia. She wanted to see what Christmas was like here in the US. So she got to do Halloween , Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Love her dress and those pictures.

  2. I love love love the back of her dress! I love lace!


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