June 15, 2014

Father’s Day Reflections 2014

I’ve been blessed to have wonderful men in my life; my Uncle Paul, my grandfather, my father-in-law.  Father's Day Reflection 2014There are two men who have played a huge part in my life and I find that they are on my mind and in my heart today, on Father’s day.

First is my own daddy.  It’s been almost three years since he went home to heaven and I still miss him everyday.  Sure, there are days where it doesn’t bother me but then there are other days.  I find that pregnancy is hard and I cry more and miss my dad more when I’m growing a baby.  I have a hard time with the fact that he never got to hold his grandchildren.  My daddy valued family and I know how much he loved and enjoyed his nieces and nephews.  I know he would have loved his grandkids and would have been fighting with my mom over who got to hold them first. I know he’s in a better place but I just hurt for me and for Munchkin and Punkin and the fact that they won’t know their Papa.  I’m so thankful that they will know my father in law.  Munchkin brings him so much joy and I know Punkin will as well.

Even though it’s been almost three years since I last spoke with my daddy, there are three things I know to be true.  One is that he loves me.  Two is that he’s proud of me.  Three is that I’m beautiful.  My daddy told me these three things all the time.  There were times when I just blew him off and said Thanks Dad, I know.  Now I’m glad he told me so many times.  He ingrained them on my heart and in my brain so I will never forget them.  There are others things I miss, how he loved to talk about God, how he served us by cooking yummy meals and I even miss his quick temper (I knew how to push his buttons like no one else and I must admit at times it was fun.) I’m so, so thankful that I had thirty one years with him.   

The second man is my husband.  I’ve heard it said that you often marry a man like your father.  When I married The Man, I knew he was like my father in several ways.  After almost five years of marriage I’ve found that he is more like him that I ever could have imagined.  One way is that he LOVES being a daddy.  The Man loves her so much.  Already, I’ve heard him tell her the he loves her often.  He tells her that she’s pretty and he is so proud of her.  My husband is following in my daddy’s footsteps without even realizing it and I love it.  I love that Munchkin is a daddy’s girl, much I like am.  A daddy is so important to a little girl.  Munchkin has a great one…not a perfect one, but the perfect one for her.  When I see them together, my heart just overflows with love for the both of them.  I don’t have to the words to describe how much I love them both.  And Munchkin?  She loves her daddy to pieces.  She asks for him when he’s not home, runs to get hugs when gets home and is always asking about “daddy’s truck!”  If she marries a man like her daddy, I know she’ll be well loved and taken care of. 
Father's Day 2014
I’m so thankful for both these men and the legacy of love they have.  I’m a blessed, blessed woman


  1. You might have made me cry :) A happy cry. I don't have these fond memories with my own dad, but I love seeing Little Miss and how she and her daddy love each other so much. I know what you mean about watching that relationship.

  2. I'm sorry you don't have those memories with your dad. It is amazing to watch it with your husband, isn't it? I just love watching them together; it never gets old!

    And if it makes you feel better, I cried while writing it:)


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