June 23, 2014

Photography Workshop

I’ve had a Canon Rebel for awhile now (I’m actually on my third…the first was print and the last two have been digital.)  I’ve always wanted to learn how to use the manual settings. I’ve read tutorials and Photography for dummies and they left me confused.  I’ve shot on the automatic setting because it’s easier. 

Enter Bonnie.  I LOVE Bonnie’s work (She did our awesome maternity shots).  When she offered a Mommy + Camera workshop to learn how to use the manual settings on your camera I jumped at the chance.  We met at the Rose Garden at Point Definace in Tacoma.  It was a bright, sunny afternoon. 
We started out by talking about the stuff I could never understand; ISO, aperture and the like.  Bonnie helped it make sense.  Then was the fun part…practicing!  We started with a nice, easy stationery target, roses.  Here are some of the shots I took, all on manual setting:
Many Waters Mommy Rose

Many Waters Red & Yellow rosebud

Many Waters Bee on a Rose

Many Waters Roses on an Arbor

Many Waters Munchkin and her turtle


  1. I have a Nikon and would love to take a photo workshop. I need to actually get a new lens - again - and need to stop traveling with it outside a camera bag, hence why the lenses keep getting damaged, dang it! Your pics are great!!! Can't wait to see you practice more when Punkin comes :)

  2. I'd love to take a photography class. I am totally lost trying to figure it out myself. Beautiful photos! Have fun.


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