July 18, 2014

Bullet Point Friday

I have several posts waiting to finished up so I can publish them but my brain is fried and I have no desire to work on them right now.  It’s summer, it’s warm and it’s been a long week.  I think I can handle bullet points, so here we go:

-We had Munchkin’s 2 year check up today.  She grew 3 inches in six months and gained two pounds!  I figured she’s been going through a growth spurt because she’s been sleeping more and has looked taller.  I can also tell in the weight department when I hold her for too long.  I know 23.6 pounds isn’t a lot but it hurts my back.  I’m glad she’s gained the weight, especially with the sporadic way she eats (I know a lot of kids eat like this but still, I worry.)
-I had a good talk with the pediatrician about Gestational Diabetes.  She had it will all four of her kids so she knows what it’s like.  It was also nice to hear from yet another medical professional that there is nothing I did to cause it.  I think that part is finally sinking in…
-Speaking of GD, my blood sugar levels have been high.  Much higher than with Munchkin.  With her, it was only my fasting numbers that were high.  With Punkin, only my after breakfast numbers are where they should be (less than 120.  I’m always in the 130-140s range after lunch and dinner and high 90s and low 100s for my fasting numbers.)  Even exercise isn’t helping.  I call my numbers in every week and I just got a call today telling me that they like me to start taking Metformin.  I have a few questions I’d like to ask before I start taking it so I’m waiting for a call back. 
-I’m 99.99% sure that being on this medication means I’ll be needing to deliver Punkin around 39 weeks. Since I can’t be induced due to my previous c-section, this means I’ll be having a repeat c-section (RCS).  I’ve known it was coming.  The Man and I had talked about it and decided that we would schedule the c-section for as late as they’ll let me and if I go into labor before that, then I’ll do my best to have a VBAC.  I’m not confident about going into labor myself at 39 weeks, so I’m mentally preparing for the c-section.  Most of the time I’m ok with it but there are still those moments when I get angry/upset/sad that it most likely won’t be happening.  One of the post I’m sitting on is talking about how I’ve processed my first one over the past two years, so keep an eye out for it.  I’m thinking I’ll handle this one better but time will tell.Many Waters Hanging Girl
-On a completely different note, I’m  so ready for football season to get here!  I started a green and yellow tutu for Munchkin and will be making one for my niece and one for Punkin.  Punkin HAS to have Duck gear.  I’m cheap though and don’t want to spend $30 on a onesie she’ll get to wear for less than a month.  So I’ll make her a onesie and a tutu and a matching headband.  She’ll be super cute.  Munchkin will probably end up with a similar t-shirt and some new bows.  It’s so much fun having girls!
-I have two friends that are going to have babies any day now and I know of two others that are early in their pregnancies and so many more that are somewhere in between and it makes me happy.  Babies are awesome.  Babies bring such joy and I can’t wait to see and squish the ones nearby (including my own!) 
-I bought 6 newborn All In One cloth diapers yesterday.  They’re used and I was going to stay away from used but these have barely been used.  I’m so excited to have a baby in cloth again!  I’m going to try to get rid of the ammonia again and if I’m successful, I’ll put Munchkin back in cloth.  I’m kinda hoping it will help her potty train sooner!
-I think every post should have a photo, so here ya go.  Munchkin loves to hang.  She doesn’t like to go down the slide but she likes to hang over it.  I guess it’s good cause is she slips she’ll slide on down, right?  She’s such a crazy kid…I love her so much!

I think that’s it.  Unless you have an idea of what I should make for dinner…I’m always out of ideas of what to eat.  Maybe hot dogs again!


  1. BLTs are always a winner with me right now. I can't get enough bacon!

    I really thought my Zaney would be here by now, but I guess he got comfy in there and wants to wait for Jaja and Pipi to get here. Just more pain and discomfort for me (on top of the normal pain and discomfort). I had been progressing so nicely too over the last few weeks....

  2. Oh man, good luck getting Munchkin back into cloth. I tried to get Stinker to go back to cloth before Little Miss was born (when he was around 2) - since our OS fitteds fit both of them - but after over a year in sposies, he HATED It. He cried as soon as he was wet and tried to rip them off. I just couldn't bare to have him so upset :(

    And I hope you find peace with however Punkin's birth turns out. Birth regrets can really take a toll. Just know a RCS doesn't rule out a future VBAC - I had a friend who got her VBAC with baby #4 :)


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