July 16, 2014


Dearest Munchkin~
Two years ago you were born and our lives have not been the same.  It’s been so much better than we expected.  Your daddy and I love being your parents.  You bring us such joy.  We love watching you grow and learn.  You’re a happy little girl.  We love spending time with you.  You have the best laugh and even when you’re grumpy you’re adorable. 
Many Waters Family Photo Munchkin's 2

You love boats and airplanes.  Anytime we see water you always say “Boats?”   We live near the local airport so planes fly over head all the time and you always point them out and say “Airplane!”  You like to blow kisses to both and tell them goodbye too.  You love to give kisses and hugs to lots of things, like your Ariel doll, any giraffes/monkeys/Pooh Bear/Tigger/other animals you see.  The past few days you’ve also been giving your baby sister hugs and kisses in Mama’s belly.  It’s adorable and I hope you continue to love on her after she’s here.

You love Minnie Mouse and Ariel.  You love wearing clothes that have them on it and you hate it when we have to take them off.  You would wear them 24/7 if we let you.  In addition to watching The Little Mermaid and Mickey’s Road Rally, you love “Puppies” aka 101 Dalmations, “Kitties” aka The AristoCats, Robin Hood (the Disney version of course!), Frozen, Sleeping Beauty and “Roar” (you actually roar for this one!) aka The Lion King.  We let you watch TV a little more often than we should but we’re working on it.  You love puzzles and making tea in your kitchen.  Books are still your friend.  You’re a busy little girl who loves to go places.  Mama would be happy staying home but you want to go “OUT!” 
Many Waters Minnie Balloon
You’re always asking for hair bows (it’s a good thing I make them for you!) will wear multiple headbands.  You love dresses and skirts. You love those girly things but don’t mind being dirty for the most part.  You’re happier if your hands are clean but you won’t let that stop you.  You love the pea gravel around your playset.  You’ve been told several times NOT to eat them.  While we haven’t found any rocks in your diapers, we haven’t really looked.  I’m not convinced that you haven’t eaten some.  Drinking the water from your water table is also a favorite, either from your favorite brown spoon or by lapping it up like the puppies.  Every time Daddy, Nana or I tell you no you give us this look of confusion, like drinking out of the water table is completely normal.  We can even have a cup of clean, cold water for you and you prefer the water table water every time. 

Many Waters Drinking Water
We love you so much baby girl.  We’re loving this age and can’t wait to see how you grow and what you learn in this year!  There’s going to be a lot going on but we never, ever want you to forget how much we love you. 
Many Waters TWO!

*All photos except the drinking from the water table were taken by Wifey of Wife of a Sailor.


  1. LOL, she's so cute! And you don't have to credit me in the posts... those photos are for you =)

  2. Love it :) She sounds like my own Little Miss in so many ways. Wish we lived closer - it'd be so much fun to see our littles playing together!!! Happy Birthday, Munchkin!!!

  3. oh my goodness, I can't believe she's two already! I feel like I was just doing her birth announcements!


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